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An Incredible Plan Of Action To Ensure Safer Road Trips


There is a widespread misconception that road safety rules and tips are for a specific age group or gender. As providers of roadside assistance services, we want to say loud and clear that these rules and tips are for everyone. Your gender or age does not determine your driving ability. Instead, your level of prudence, patience, and preemption makes you a good or a lousy driver.

Due to the nature of our services, we frequently encounter instances in which individuals of an age where they should be expected to have a fair degree of perseverance behave in the most irresponsible manner, ultimately resulting in traffic accidents. Evidently, it is very unfair to associate bad driving habits with teens or lack of driving skills with females. According to CBS News, men are more likely to earn a ticket for reckless driving than their counterparts.

Well, the debate above is inexhaustible, and is better to be left for some other day. At the moment, our main concern is your safety as a driver, regardless of your age or gender. Besides technical driving skills (which are unquestionably essential), numerous other practices also have an undeniably significant impact on your safety while on the road.

Hence, it is entirely wrong to assume that excellent driving will save your day amidst every roadside misery. Most of the time, diligence, thoughtfulness, foresightfulness, and planning are better ways to evade a possible mishap.

In light of the situation, today’s blog post will outline an incredible plan of action to help you enjoy safer road trips.

Make Pre And Post Trip Inspection And Maintenance A Habit

They say prevention is better than a cure, but we contend that prevention is a driver’s greatest line of defense. Unfortunately, most drivers disregard the cruciality of preventive maintenance and inspection. However, these inspections mean the difference between a smooth trip and a sudden breakdown on the road.

Do not let a spotless exterior and unhindered driving trick you into thinking that everything is supposedly fine on the inside. Every season has its unique challenges, and so does summer. Thus, the intense heat could be secretly nurturing an issue in your battery without you even noticing. Therefore, it is always a good practice to inspect your vehicle before embarking on any trip.

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Over Reliance On Technology Is A Sin

No matter how sophisticated a machine is, it can never be 100% accurate and is bound to miscalculate an occasion that may lead to an erroneous and detrimental decision. Hence, as a good driver, you must never let a computer become more than a source of convenience and a helping hand for you. Remember that a human brain invented the computer, so the computer must never control the former.

Your brain must be in charge whenever you are driving and if the gadget makes funny or unreasonable suggestions, use your better judgment. Never Drive In A Disturbed Mental State

Unlike what the movies suggest, never seek solace in a solo driving trip when you are angry or sad. Emotions are the biggest distraction while driving. Consider taking a walk instead of driving when your mind is consumed by extreme emotions like pain, anger, anguish, or disappointment. As you might have noticed, angry drivers tend to be highly aggressive, while sad ones seem to be extremely neglectful. Such emotions often override an individual’s better thinking capacity and result in many accidents.

Always Have An Emergency Roadside Assistance Provider’s Number On Your Cell Phone

Regardless of how careful you are, mishaps are sometimes fated and inevitable. Thus, you must never let adequate maintenance lead you to think that nothing can go wrong. A good driver should always expect the unexpected and be prepared for it.

In order to quickly deal with any breakdown, it is always good to have a reliable emergency towing and recovery service provider’s number on your cell phone.

Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus

Besides your emotional state, there are plenty of other distractions waiting to deviate your attention from the road.

As Beth Moore says, “If destruction fails to entangle us, distraction will do its best.”

People argue that multitasking is a unique skill. For a driver, it may be the sole culprit behind a fatal accident. Multitasking is nothing but a distraction on the road. Never eat, use a cellphone, or indulge in a very deep conversation while you are driving.

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