Common Vehicle Breakdown Issues In The Summer

Unlike winter, during which our traveling instincts are not aroused unless it is absolutely necessary, summer is the best time to hit the parks and beaches in Canada. After months of long, dull, and chilly weather, a bit of warm sunlight is every Canadian’s most relished fantasy. Similarly, Canada’s relatively mild summers compared to other countries also make the country a popular vacation spot amongst travel enthusiasts. According to Authentik Canada, the best time to visit Canada is in the summer .

For this reason, roadways are often highly congested during this time of year. As a result, you must understand the implications of this topic for your vehicle. As providers of reliable roadside assistance services in Edmonton , we would like to forewarn you that this season is breakdown and accident peak time. Thus, before you leave your house to enjoy some quality time with your family or simply embark on any solo road trip, you must understand the potential issues your car may undergo.

In order to help you prepare beforehand for any unfavorable situation, we shall explore some of the most common types of car breakdown issues you may face in the summer and how towing companies in Edmonton can help you out.

Collisions And Accidents

One of the biggest reasons you may be left stranded on the road this summer is due to a collision. As emphasized earlier, traffic remains unusually high during this season in Canada. Therefore, the risks of collisions and accidents also soar. While many of you may believe that most accidents occur in the winter as a result of the ice on the road, statistics reveal otherwise. Research shows that Canadian roads are more prone to accidents in the summer than in the winter.

While these accidents cause material monetary damages to your car, they are also life-threatening for you and your companions. For this reason, collisions are at the top of our list. We suggest that you be more cautious when driving in the summer due to the high traffic. However, sometimes these kinds of occurrences are fated and can not be prevented. If you encounter an accident, immediately request vehicle recovery services from a reputable towing company in Edmonton.

Dead Batteries

Batteries seem to struggle in every type of extreme weather. While winter slows down the chemical reactions, summer causes inconsistency and loss of charge. Moreover, the use of fans, air conditioning, power roofs, and power windows further increase the pressure on the batteries. Consequently, your batteries may give up in the summer unexpectedly.

If your vehicle refuses to start due to a bad battery, call a roadside assistance provider and request battery boosting services.

Flat Tires

Although modern automobiles are built to withstand harsh temperatures, summer and the rubber from which your car’s tires are made do not get along very well. Consequently, blown out or flat tires are a common problem in the summer.

Brake Problems

Another summer vehicle problem you must be aware of lies in your brakes and it can be extremely dangerous. You need your brakes to stop your car, if they don’t function accordingly, your life and your vehicle’s well-being will be in jeopardy. To fully comprehend the danger, you need to understand how brakes function and what summer does to them.

When you apply pressure to the brake pedals, brake fluid travels through the line to the calipers, which employ hydraulic pressure to compress against the rotors and bring the automobile to a stop. This process, however, causes friction, which generates a lot of heat. When the environment’s temperature is already high, the effect is amplified. Brake fluid becomes ineffective as a result of the high temperature, and your automobile fails to stop as needed.

This chain of events results in many accidents. Hence, make regular brake inspections a priority this summer.

Overheated Engines And Belts

Overheated engines are a widespread occurrence in summer. Surely, you understand that the operations in your car’s engine emit a lot of heat. Your vehicle draws air from the outer environment to cool the engine. However, when the air outside is equally hot, the engine becomes hotter rather than cooling down. Similarly, lack of proper lubrication and contaminated fluids also heat up the engine. All these are likely to cause a breakdown.

Likewise, too much heat is not suitable for the belts, especially if the belts are old. For example, your alternator belt may fail to yield the needed voltage to run the various systems in your car. As a result, you may be left stranded on the road.

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