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How to Tow a Vehicle Safely


Moving heavy objects such as vehicles, boats, heavy loads etc. attached to a tow truck is not as simple a process as you might think. It is a technical job to drive a truck or vehicle when another set of wheels is attached to it. Carelessness in towing processes can lead to serious situations like jackknifing and road accidents.If you have the knowledge and equipment, you can easily tow your vehicle off the road. This blog post will provide simple tips that will help you perform a towing operation safely.

Capacity of your vehicle

Before carrying out a tow process, you should be well aware of the capacity or power of your vehicle. It is important to know how much load your vehicle can carry. In the manufacturer’s manual, you can find the information regarding the tow capacity of your vehicle. You can move to the next process of loading once you are sure about the towing strength of your vehicle.

Inspection of equipment

The use of damaged tow equipment can lead to a failed towing operation. Make sure that ropes, hooks, and other equipment are in good working condition. In addition, the vehicle which is being used for pulling should be reliable.

Mirrors make things easier

If you use to drive vehicles, you can better understand the importance of mirrors. It is hard to drive safely without mirrors, and driving a tow truck is even harder. Extended side-view mirrors are of great help when you have to pull a big trailer that can possibly block the view.

Keep it slow

It is not advisable to drive beyond speed limits, and when you have something attached to your vehicle, it is dangerous to go fast. Make sure that your speed is well under 20 mph.

Synchronize the brakes

First thing, make sure that brakes are working properly and then there should be a synchronization of brakes between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Brake failure can be disastrous.

Get professional attention

If you are not sure whether your driving skills and equipment is up to the task or not, call a professional towing contractor In order to get rid of the situation quickly and safely. There are companies which provide reliable emergency towing and roadside assistance, like Action Towing in Edmonton.

Action Towing has been providing quick, dependable, and budget-friendly towing and roadside assistance services in Edmonton for many years. Reach us to get your towing project done!


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