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How To Become An Expert Tow Truck Driver In Canada

How To Become An Expert Tow Truck Driver In Canada

If you aspire to become a professional tow truck driver in Canada or any other part of the world, you should know that it takes a lot more than just hauling worn-out cars. So how can you become a professional tow truck driver? You will need to have the right training, licensing, certifications, interpersonal skills, and adequate physical fitness.

Being an efficient tow truck driver takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Without tow truck drivers, many people would be stranded on the road looking for help. Towing experts help you under different circumstances, including vehicle breakdowns, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, illegal parking, car accidents, vehicle lockouts, car boosting, and more.

In Canada, you must go through the following key steps to become a qualified tow truck driver:

  • Possessing a clean driving license
  • Completing a comprehensive application process
  • Passing driving tests for skills assessment
  • Undertaking training on basic vehicle maintenance tasks
  • Becoming familiar with road maps in your area
  • Getting in touch with local towing service providers

Let’s discuss these fundamental steps for becoming a professional tow truck driver one by one:

Possessing A Clean Driving Licence

First, you need to be older than 18 years of age and possess a clean driving license to drive a tow truck. Being a pro tow truck driver, you’re supposed to take care of your vehicle and other cars being towed by you.

Hauling other automobiles for an extended amount of time and in heavy traffic is an extremely challenging task to accomplish. For this reason, you must have a clean driving license, and be able to remain calm and clear-headed when in control of a vehicle.

Completing A Comprehensive Application Process

Next, you will have to complete an application process by visiting the local license and permit issuing office in your area. At this stage, you’ll need to prove your identity as part of your application procedure, and a specific fee for processing it. The exact cost of your application may vary from one area to another.

If you pass your tests successfully and prove yourself a competent tow truck driver, you’ll receive a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration CVOR certificate.

Passing Your Driving Test For Skills Assessment

All prospective tow truck drivers in Canada need to undertake two sets of tests: a knowledge test and a road test. The knowledge test refers to demonstrating your understanding of the skills required to carry out the towing job. The road test refers to the practical aspects of proving yourself capable of performing different towing tasks.

Undertaking Training On Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

Being a tow truck driver, you’ll need to perform maintenance tasks on automobiles from time to time, depending on the type of vehicle recovery services your towing firm provides. This may include jump-starting a vehicle, changing tires, unlocking doors, replacing batteries, and more.

That’s why you should train yourself to understand various car maintenance tasks across different kinds of vehicles to gain a head-start when applying for a towing job. In your job applications, you need to demonstrate that you have adequate training on car maintenance to enhance landing an appointment with one of your local towing companies.

Becoming Familiar With Road Maps In Your Area

You need to acquire detailed knowledge of your local area and roads to make a significant difference in your job prospects. Towing firms prefer to hire those tow truck drivers who possess enough training and can respond quickly to various towing requests.

Getting In Touch With Local Towing Service Providers

After acquiring your CVOR certificate to drive a tow truck and getting adequate training on car maintenance, you should start applying for tow truck driver jobs with local towing firms in your area. To get in touch with towing businesses near you – mention all the skills, knowledge, training, licenses, and other requirements of a qualified tow truck driver in your Resume.

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