Frequently Asked Towing Questions

Patrick found himself stranded in the middle of a busy road in Edmonton. He made a quick search on the internet to find a nearby towing company. While Google showed several search results, he called the first one on the list.

Unfortunately, he found that the towing company he contacted wasn’t happy to come where he was stuck. On top of that, the company refused to tow the type of car he was driving. He contacted two more companies and finally realized that finding a reliable tow truck service was a difficult task.

You can find yourself in a similar situation. To avoid the hassle, you should do some research and know what company in Edmonton can tow your vehicle in a safe and convenient way without putting too much stress on your budget.

There are plenty of misconceptions associated with the towing industry. Most people think that towing services are only limited to transporting vehicles. In reality, a tow truck service can also provide roadside assistance services that include boosting, lockout and a flat tire repair. Before you find yourself stranded on the side of a road, make sure you know how a towing and roadside assistance service works. Let’s take a look at two of the frequently asked towing questions:

How Far Does A Towing Company Go?

Every towing company has its own features and limitations. Some companies provide services across the country, while others only operate within city limits. At Action Towing, we provide both local and long-distance heavy-duty towing services. We can recover or tow your car in Edmonton 24/7. Unlike many other companies, we also help drivers with roadside problems and get them back on the road. If you want to transport your vehicle to a different city or province, Action Towing provides long-distance service.

What Type of Vehicles Can A Tow Truck Service Tow?

A well-equipped and large tow truck company can transport all types of vehicles from small cars to large trucks. Action Towing is one of those companies in Canada that offer a large fleet and a diverse range of expertise to handle all types of projects. If you’re not in Edmonton, make sure to call a reliable nearby company to have your vehicle towed.

Do They Provide 24/7 Services?

An ideal tow truck service should provide 24/7 services because vehicles can break down anytime. Most reputable companies do provide around the clock service no matter day or night.

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