Situations Where You Should Call A Towing Company

Most of the modern cars are reliable and built to endure minor roadside situations. However, there are numerous situations where things can go wrong with your car and make it impossible for you to continue your journey. Dealing with roadside emergencies is a daunting task that requires a calm mind and professional assistance.

Fortunately, almost every city in Canada has several towing and roadside assistance companies that help drivers with damaged, broken down or stuck vehicles. If you ever face a tough situation on the road due to your vehicle, make sure you call a reliable roadside assistance provider to get immediate help. Here are situations where you should contact a towing company:

Flat tire

Changing a flat tire is an easy job if you have the right tools, a spare tire, and experience. However, if you don’t have tools or nobody around you to help you with the flat tire, you need to call a towing company. A flat tire might be a surprising situation if you keep your tires well-maintained and replace them on time. Damaged treads, low air pressure, and sharp objects on the road are some of the reasons why tires rupture.

Damage due to road accident

A little care and preparation before you hit the road can reduce your chances of facing stressful roadside situations like running out of gas or a flat tire. However, it’s hard to predict and avoid road accidents. Depending on the damage caused to your car and the severity of the collision, you might need to call a tow truck company to remove your damaged vehicle off the road. Reputable towing companies have the equipment and workforce to recover damaged vehicles and transport them to a desirable location. To ensure your safety, don’t drive your car after a collision if you’re not certain about the condition of your car.

Engine overheating

Your car’s engine can get overheated due to a variety of factors. Whether it is a leaking water pump or faulty fan belt, when your engine starts to overheat, switch off your vehicle immediately before things get worse. It might be a good idea to call professional assistance to deal with the engine overheating problems effectively. The first thing you must do is visit a mechanic and have your car thoroughly inspected.

Car stuck in the mud or snow

Off-roaders often find themselves in situations where they’re unable to get their vehicles unstuck. If your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, snow, sand, or a ditch, you can try several tricks to get unstuck. If nothing works, don’t waste time and call a tow truck company to recover your vehicle.

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