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Fatal Towing Errors You Must Avoid

Fatal Towing Errors You Must Avoid

Towing services are a savior when you are stuck on the road with your faulty car. However, many people don’t realize that towing is a technical process requiring professional knowledge.

It is more than just hooking a car to a trailer and transporting it. Rather, each vehicle has its requirements, and only a towing professional will know which vehicle demands what. So, it is better if you hire a professional emergency towing company to tow your car carefully to your desired place.

Unfortunately, towing-related accidents are common and they can be fatal. Either the towing company was not experienced enough to handle the task at hand professionally, or the weather was too harsh.

Whatever the condition, you must know about the fatal errors one can make in the process of towing. Knowing such errors can help you minimize the chances of accidents after towing and reduce the danger for other drivers on the road.

This blog post will guide you about some of the fatal errors you may face in the towing process that you must try to avoid at all costs.

Towing In Low Visibility

Visibility on the road reduces, especially on highways in the winter. In such conditions, driving and towing can be quite dangerous. The danger is further elevated if you hire an inexperienced towing company.

Moreover, you should never try to tow your car on your own in such conditions as it can be potentially dangerous for you. There are lots of fatalities that occur due to poor visibility, and there are reasons why you should not tow your car on your own in winter.

It is better to be late than never. Low visibility on the road makes it even more challenging to use brakes, change lanes, and simply control the vehicle. Therefore, it is better to avoid towing yourself and leave it to the professionals.

Not Following Local Rules And Regulations

Another common mistake that you might make during your towing process is not abiding by the laws of your province. You should be aware of the local rules and regulations of your province.

Your vehicle should have up to the mark tail lights, safety chains, extra mirrors, and braking equipment. Certain factors such as the maximum towing speed, the maximum trailer width, and the number of vehicles a driver is allowed to tow will differ from province to province, and you must know all about them.

Having Inappropriate Equipment

This point is important for both the trailer driver and the customer. Many people want to tow their cars themselves by using any available equipment they have. However, you will face trouble on the road if you don’t have all the necessary tools and equipment to tow your vehicle safely.

If you don’t know about the towing requirements and which equipment you must have, read the owner’s manual to learn how much weight capacity your trailer can support. Exceeding that limit can cause fatal accidents, so keep in mind not to overdo it with your trailer.

Moreover, if you are a customer looking for a reliable towing company, make sure to hire one that has a proper set of equipment. The company should have experience in towing vehicles. Otherwise, they could put you, your car, and the other people on the road in danger.

Not Checking Your Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure is often the most important and most ignored task before heading out on the road. In towing, it is even more important to check the tire pressure of the towing trailer and the vehicle being towed.

Many citywide towing services take care of this issue. However, some people might be negligent towards it and continue without checking. Therefore, make sure that the tires have optimum pressure before you hit the road.

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