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Reasons Why You Should Not Tow Your Vehicle On Your Own In Winter

Reasons Why You Should Not Tow Your Vehicle On Your Own In Winter

Towing services are a blessing when it comes to towing your vehicle to a safe destination. These towing services tow your car safely onto a tow truck and transport it to the place you want.

It is common to see vehicles waiting on the sides of the road due to some technical issue. Either their battery has stopped working, or some carburetor issue forced them to stop. There can be various types of issues, requiring a professional hand to fix.

Most people want to get away from traffic and take their problematic car to a nearby mechanic as soon as it begins to cause problems. However, taking help from any nearby mechanic might not be a good idea.

This blog post mentions all the reasons why towing your vehicle by yourself, especially in the winter, might not be a good idea.

Snow Is Slippery

Snow is common in the winter. Edmonton receives heavy snowfalls every winter making movement difficult for residents. In such circumstances, car problems are a common scenario. People might try to get help from other passing cars to tow their vehicles, which is a bad idea.

When you do this you are not only putting yourself in danger, but also the other person. Snow is quite slippery, and without proper grip and traction on the wheels, you both can fall. Moreover, chances of losing balance on such a slippery road are also high.

You Won’t Have The Proper Equipment

Towing any vehicle requires you to have the necessary equipment. Even if you have to tow a lightweight motorcycle, you need to have proper ropes, straps, and locks for it. There are potential risks involved while towing any vehicle without strong equipment.

You Might Not Be Visible

Tow trucks and vehicles have special reflectors and lights installed to warn oncoming traffic about their presence on the road. This can be quite helpful to make everyone alert, and avoid accidents and collisions.

On the other hand, if you go on your own, you will find it hard to warn others about your situation. This will create a disturbance on the road, and cars may collide.

You Will Have To Pay Fines

Towing a car without proper permits and licenses is illegal. If you try to tow your car on your own, the traffic police will notice and make you pay hefty fines for breaking the law. So, the amount you might be trying to save by not hiring a towing service will be used here.

Therefore, it is better to call a professional towing company as soon as you feel the need to tow. This will keep you safe from traffic tickets and incidents.

You Don’t Know How To Apply The Brakes

Towing requires special braking skills. Due to the additional weight behind it, the tow vehicle’s momentum shifts. This can affect its normal brake functions.

Moreover, you need to take special care while taking turns, as wider turns are required while towing a vehicle. Only a professional tow truck driver will know how to drive a tow truck and be able to apply proper brakes and turns.

How Can Action Towing Help You Tow Your Car?

Let Action Towing take care of your towing needs this winter. We are one of the best towing services in Edmonton, helping vehicle owners with their car problems. Our years of professional experience and availability of the right tow trucks set us apart from the other options.

Our towing professionals make sure to tow your car safely to the desired destination of your choice. We are always equipped with the right tools and available at your one call. Getting stuck on the road in the winter can be quite frustrating, so we leave no stone unturned when helping our clients with our quality services.

Reasonable rates coupled with high-quality services make us one of the most trusted towing companies in Edmonton. Our towing experts use fully certified equipment and accessories to ensure your safety and peace of mind. The following are some of the features of our services that help us stand out:

  • Variety of tow trucks and equipment
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Highly experienced and friendly staff
  • A comprehensive range of expertise
  • Safe & secure

If you want to get our services, contact us here.


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