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Common Towing Myths You Should Be Aware Of


Although towing companies offer essential roadside assistance and emergency towing services, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding them, giving them a bad reputation.

These myths are frequently harmful, encouraging you to believe and use the wrong information. This can frequently result in damage to your vehicle, trailer, or tow hitch and even endanger your safety.

A professional towing company can help you avoid complicating your life even further. In this blog post, we will address some of the most common myths and misunderstandings regarding towing services.

Towing Companies Only Offer Towing Services

One of the most popular myths is that towing companies only offer towing services. This is untrue in most cases as many towing businesses provide their clients with other services other than just towing.

Professional towing companies provide roadside assistance to customers who have car breakdowns and are trapped on the road. Towing firms can include services like lock-out and battery boosting, among others.

Before you pick a service, make sure they offer the services you need because some companies will only offer towing services.

They Charge Too Much

Another widespread misconception regarding towing businesses is that they overcharge. This common misconception leads many people to avoid using a reliable towing company.

Towing companies don’t charge much for their services. However, when you take into account the equipment they use, the vehicles they carry, the sometimes great distances they travel to get you, and the effort they put in to get you out of trouble, the prices are worth the while.

In fact, people who frequently find themselves stuck on the road are ready to spend much more than that for a simple and stress-free towing service. Therefore, the idea that towing businesses charge ridiculous prices is false.

Towing Companies Do Not Operate Late At Night

If you contact a tow truck company and they refuse to arrive because it is too late in the evening, they are not a professional and reputable towing company. In these cases, try to call another reliable company.

Professional towing services are open 24/7, unlike some part-time towing firms. They recognize that accidents can occur at any time and in any place, so they always have a driver available to assist!

Tow Truck Drivers Want Upfront Payment

The perception that tow truck drivers won’t help you until you pay them is a result of dishonest businesses taking advantage of those in need. The majority of trustworthy towing businesses are aware that people are more focused on their present circumstances and do not require the additional stress of instant payment demand.

Most towing companies will provide flexible payment plans that guarantee that you and your vehicle will come first.

Tow Trucks Are Very Slow

The time it takes a tow truck driver to show up depends on the circumstances. A business that values its clients will take all reasonable steps to reach you as soon as possible. However, if you are 60 miles from the closest town, you should anticipate the driver to take the same amount of time it took you to get there.

Nevertheless, a trustworthy business would never purposefully delay their arrival, regardless of where you are.

Towing Damages Your Vehicle

The only way your car might be damaged while being towed is if it is done incorrectly. The technique by which your car was towed is also a consideration. If you pull your car with both or all of its wheels on the ground, the tires may wear out, especially over long distances.

Furthermore, if the tow truck driver neglected to shift the vehicle into neutral before towing it, there is a good risk your gearbox will be damaged. For these reasons, many reputable towing companies prefer safer and more dependable choices like flatbed towing.

However, it should be highlighted that if done correctly, even basic techniques like hook and chain won’t affect your vehicle.

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