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Causes Of Summer Car Breakdowns And Their Solutions

Causes Of Summer Car Breakdowns And Their Solutions

Extreme weather conditions are one of the major causes of regular vehicle breakdowns. Many people frequently experience care troubles during the summer and winter seasons. However, peak summertime can be even more damaging to your automobile, with the scorching heat directly impacting critical components of your auto such as engine, tires, battery, fluids, and brakes.

As a professional towing company, we provide you with some typical causes of car breakdowns during summer, and how you can overcome them.


Due to increased temperatures in summer, car engines usually get hotter than usual, putting tremendous pressure on your vehicle’s cooling system to keep the engine cool. In such cases, if there are any declining seals present in your car, they can lead to severe leaks, ultimately resulting in your car engine’s overheating.

Make sure that there are no deteriorating seals present in critical parts of your vehicle. Always inspect the entire cooling system, and pay close attention to components, including the radiator, hoses, and water pump. Don’t forget to examine the coolant level and top it as required.

One main sign of overheating is the emission of steam or smoke from underneath the hood of your car or even an unfamiliar smell from your vehicle engine. Always look at the temperature gauge on your vehicle’s dashboard to see if it’s experiencing overheating.

In case of overheating, turn off your car’s AC right away to decrease the stress on your auto’s engine. Then, pull over your vehicle, let it cool down before you start it again. It would help if you added fluid to your car’s engine or contact a reliable towing expert near you if the overheating issue persists.

Dead Battery

Extreme temperatures put car batteries under much pressure. Due to greater exposure to heat, the battery fluid starts to evaporate, resulting in a dead battery, which is also one of the most typical reasons for a vehicle not to start in the summer. Have your battery inspected frequently from your mechanic to prevent this problem, especially before setting out on a summer road trip. If you experience a dead battery situation on the road, contact a nearby towing service provider who will help replace your car battery right there and then.

Irregular Tire Pressure

You need to be extra attentive toward your car tires in summer as a constant increase in temperatures leads to an increase in tire pressure. If your vehicle’s tire pressure surpasses the levels recommended by the manufacturer, it can result in a tire blowout. Also, overinflated tires are increasingly prone to premature deterioration, creating car handling issues.

Underinflated tires also cause vehicle blowout issues during hot weather. Such tires generate much heat and can acquire damage much faster under increased temperatures. The enhanced rolling resistance generated as a result of your tires getting in contact with the road makes the tires much hotter than usual, significantly affecting their integrity.

Always check your tire pressures frequently during the summertime and ensure they remain inflated at recommended levels. If you experience a tire blowout, contact emergency roadside assistance services to get you back on the road quickly.

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