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Is Your Car Shaking? Here Are The Top 7 Reasons Behind It


Like any other car enthusiast, you must have surely encountered a moment when your loyal and cherished mechanical sweetheart showed signs of a probable breakdown in the form of jolts and trembles. Undeniably, it is pretty unsettling to witness that a seemingly well-crafted and mechanically sophisticated vehicle can also begin to shake unexpectedly for no apparent reason.

As unfortunate and frustrating as it may sound, such occurrences are unavoidable and, at times, inevitable when a vehicle is in question. Although the reason may not be clearly apparent, numerous underlying nuisances may result in quakes or vibrations. Despite being problematic, many drivers regard this shaking issue as trivial and not worth examining.

As providers of the most professional roadside assistance services in Edmonton, we would like to press the fact that you pay attention to your car if it trembles or shakes frequently.

At this point, it is crucial to differentiate between normal vibrations and atypical trembling. Your vehicle shakes slightly when you start it or while driving due to the rotation of the transmission gears and the crankshaft. But if your car’s steering wheel or cabin shakes in such a way that it turns into a distraction, you must stop driving as the latter indicates a problem.

Sometimes, people will also notice a specific pattern in this shaking. They realize that their cars shake when they drive at high speeds, low speeds, when braking, or at a constant speed. Keeping track of these patterns can help you solve the problem quickly. Regardless, it is unsafe to drive a shaking car as it is hard to control.

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Now, let us help you understand why your car shakes.

1. Brake Problems

Brake problems are the most common culprit behind those annoying wobbly shakes. If your car tends to tremble when you brake, it means the brake pads and rotor have seen good times and need replacement.

But if you feel the shakes when accelerating above 50 mph, the problem may be a stuck brake calliper. Another indication of a stuck calliper is a burning smell as you accelerate.

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2. Tire Issues

As expected, the following is the most common reason behind those shaky rides. Irregular tread wear is a significant cause of car trembling that starts at constant speeds and increases in proportion with speed. Similarly, loose or imbalanced tires can also result in vibrations.

Regardless of the reason, you should never ignore tire issues as they may cause accidents if they worsen over time. If you notice a sudden increase in the trembling of your car and can’t understand the root cause, request our 24-hour emergency roadside assistance services for a quick and safe resolution.

3. Malfunctioning Suspension System

If the trembling is more apparent in the steering wheel, the problem is mainly to be found in the suspension system. In this regard, the most common culprits are ball joints, bearings, shock absorbers, and struts.

If ignored, this problem can reap severe consequences.

4. Untightened Nuts

Sometimes, the shaking might not necessarily result from an intrinsic problem in the vehicle. When your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic or any service station for repair. It might happen that the mechanic forgets to tighten the nuts after working on your vehicle. This might cause a lot of wheel shaking. This could be dangerous too.

5. Loss Of Spark

A worn-out or jammed spark plug will also hinder your engine’s operation. Unfortunately, a problem with the spark plug is not easily identifiable. Although shaking due to spark plug problems mainly materializes when you press the accelerator, it is hard to distinguish such shaking from that occurring due to low transmission fuel levels, bent driveshafts, and broken engine mounts.

For this reason, call an emergency towing service provider to take your car to a reliable service station or workshop and have the plug checked. Never drive a shaking car by yourself to a workshop if the shaking is uncontrollable.

6. Low Transmission Fuel Levels

Besides lubrication, transmission fluid provides the much-needed hydraulic pressure that makes the internal parts work. So if your car’s transmission fluid runs too low, your vehicle will start to tremble at certain speeds. Although this problem is not as dangerous as other shaking forms, it can permanently damage your vehicle’s transmission if you do not treat it on time.

7. Driveshaft And Axle Issues

Over time, your precious car’s driveshaft will eventually begin to bend. This bending ultimately results in trembling and vibrations when you accelerate. Similarly, driving over rough terrains consisting of huge rocks may also damage your axle and cause it to bend. The latter also causes vibrations.

All in all, a shaking or trembling car is not good news, and you should never continue driving if your car vibrates violently. Instead, contact a reliable tow truck company to safely transport the vehicle to a nearby workshop for prompt repair.

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