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Benefits Of Tilt Deck Towing Services

Benefits Of Tilt Deck Towing Services

Towing services are helpful when your car breaks down in the middle of the road. Anything can happen to your vehicle, such as a brake issue, flat tire, or engine malfunction. In such circumstances, hiring reliable roadside assistance services is the wisest choice to get out of that situation as soon as possible.

Traditionally, the hook and chain method was used to transfer the problematic car to the desired location. Now, such services are being replaced by tilt deck services. Tilt deck consists of heavy machinery and vehicles that can lift even the heaviest vehicles much more easily. Tilt deck services are used for towing purposes and to lift heavy cargo weights.

Many people rely on towing and tilt deck services to move their cars from one place to another. Therefore, it has become a popular choice to get help from if something happens to your car. Continue reading this blog to find out what a tilt deck service is and how it is beneficial for you.

What Is A Tilt Deck Service?

A tilt deck service is one of the methods of transferring a vehicle from one place to another. Tilt deck trucks have beds or tilting decks in the back for loading and unloading vehicles. They are also used to lift heavy weights and cargo. They are useful when the weight is unevenly distributed. Tilt deck trailers can load almost any amount of weight. The weight is shifted to the trailer with the help of wheels.

There are two types of tilt deck trailers:

  • Hydraulic Tilt Trailers
  • Sliding Trailers

Hydraulic Tilt Trailers

Hydraulic tilt trailers use power units, including a motor, a reservoir, and a pump, to tilt the deck and adjust it at an optimal position to load or unload the items.

Sliding Trailers

Sliding trailers move or slide the trailer to adjust the right angle to load or unload the vehicle.

Advantages Of Tilt Deck Services

They Protect Your Heavy And Valuable Items

Nobody wants to hand over their precious cargo and vehicles to a trailer with limited capacity, only to find out that the items have fallen and become damaged. A tilt deck service is much safer compared to other options as they give plenty of room to load the items and transfer them to the desired locations.

Traditional methods used the hook and chain method to transport the items from place to place. The moving and swaying of the items being transported almost always resulted in damage. Tilt deck services are better in this regard and keep your items tightly secured in one place.

They Are Versatile

Another benefit of tilt deck services is that tilt trailers are versatile. Such trailers have a high weight-bearing capacity that can load almost every kind of weight. This means that you won’t need different trailers to load your heavier items. One tilt deck trailer can do it all. They can carry ATVs, cars, and even heavy machinery safely and easily. Moreover, certain cars which have just got into an accident and are not in good condition and shape can be easily transferred on a tilt deck trailer.

This means that tilt deck services are versatile and can be used to transfer different loads much safely and securely. Because of this, they are less dangerous and one of the safest ways to transfer your loads.

They Are More Efficient

Tilt deck services are efficient. They do the job faster than other methods as you only pull a lever, and the deck is adjusted easily at the perfect angle to load the weight. This makes the process faster and much more efficient.

Final Words

Tilt deck services are a safer and more flexible way to transfer your loads from one place to another. However, you must hire the right company with the required machines and professional staff to do the job.

About Action Towing

Action Towing offers tilt deck, towing, roadside assistance, and numerous other services in Edmonton. We provide safe tilt deck services for all kinds of vehicles and machines. At Action Towing, we provide tilt deck trailers to move your broken-down vehicle to wherever you want. Call us now for more information.


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