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Everything You Should Know About A Tilt Deck Service

Everything You Should Know About A Tilt Deck Service

Workplace injuries are common due to many reasons. Goods being lifted, vehicle towing, and many other work practices pose threats to the safety of the workers. That’s why alternate safe methods are devised to make the process easier and better. Tilt deck service is one of them that uses a deck. It gets rid of the need for a wooden ramp to load or unload things off of a truck.

Investing in a tilt deck service is beneficial for you and saves you from potential injuries. Moreover, having a tilt deck trailer or availing a tilt deck service is great for light, medium, and heavy-duty lifting. Action Towing is proud to provide excellent tilt deck services in compliance with Alberta’s towing laws and standards. This blog post mentions everything you need to know about tilt deck services.

What Is A Tilt Deck Service?

A tilt deck service is a safer method or way to transfer your machines, vehicles, and other equipment to and from a place. It uses a tilted deck to load and unload objects in a much more convenient manner. It can load almost any kind of machine, and the capacity of a tilt deck trailer varies accordingly. These trailers use hydraulic cylinders to lift, lower, and tilt the objects and machines.

How Does It Work?

Tilt deck trailers work by releasing the decks latch and loading or unloading the required machines. There are two types of tilt deck trailers:

  • Hydraulic Tilt Trailers
  • Sliding Trailers

Hydraulic Tilt Trailers

This type of trailer uses hydraulic power units, including a motor, a reservoir, and a pump, to apply pressure. Hydraulic tilt trailers put pressure on the decks latch to tilt it and adjust it at an optimal position to load machines and vehicles.

Sliding Trailers

In sliding trailers, the vehicle moves the deck and adjusts it at the desired location to perform the loading or unloading.

Advantages Of Tilt Deck Services

Better Efficiency

Tilted deck services give more efficiency as compared to ramping. You can pull the lever easily, and the deck is ready to load or unload. It means you won’t have to do it manually, which saves much of your time and effort.

A Safer Choice

Workers find it disturbing to work in an environment with occupational hazards. Tilt deck services offer a much safer choice, keeping workers safe. It allows them to focus on their work improving productivity.

More Space For Your Loads

One of the biggest advantages of a tilt deck service is that it gives more room for your loads. In the case of ramps, they fold up and take so much space in the trailer. However, tilt decks give more space to your loads. In this way, you can transfer more loads in less time, thus saving your time and fuel.

Protection To The Damage Vehicle

Vehicles after accidents are already in a damaged condition. Tilt deck services protect those vehicles and safely transfer them wherever you want. Thus keeping them from further damage.

More Flexibility

Tilt deck services give more flexibility to rescue a car after an accident. It is difficult to get a car out of a ditch using a regular truck. However, tilt deck trailers are more flexible and can perform the rescuing operation much faster and efficiently.

Considerations For Hiring A Tilt Deck Service

Hiring a tilt deck service company requires some considerations for the safe transport of your machines. Consider the following points before hiring any tilt deck service:

  • Research for the best tilt deck company by checking online reviews and asking your relatives and friends about it
  • Make sure the company is well-experienced in providing this service
  • Find out about the condition of their tilt deck trailers and how they do their work
  • Check their prices and compare them with your budget
  • Check their customer service

About Action Towing

Action Towing is here to help you with a wide range of roadside assistance services. We provide safe tilt deck services for all kinds of vehicles and machines. Call us now for more information.


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