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Benefits Of Using Flatbed Trucks For Hauling Construction Equipment


The construction industry is an essential industry that makes the world work. Without construction equipment, building new buildings, infrastructure and cities would be impossible.

Every new construction project requires different types of construction materials and machinery. Now the question arises how one takes these items to the construction site.

Throughout the world of construction, every contractor prefers to hire professional towing company and get their construction equipment safely hauled by flatbed trucks to their final destination.

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Construction contractors prefer flatbed trucks because they are the safest and most secure way of transporting construction equipment.

Construction equipment hauling has become ten times easier because of flatbed trucks, as these trucks transport heavy and large equipment with ease.

In this blog post, we will talk about the challenges of transporting heavy construction equipment and will outline why flatbed trucks are the best option for hauling construction equipment.

Challenges Of Hauling Construction Equipment

In a dream world, you can fit all your construction materials and equipment into a standard shipping container and won’t even have to worry about logistical issues or special permits. However, the real world requires a lot of planning and preparation for hauling your construction equipment.

Here are some challenges that you might encounter while hauling your construction equipment:

Special Permits

According to the law, your shipment can’t be wider than 11 feet, taller than 11 feet, longer than 52 feet and weigh more than 150,000 lbs.

However, unfortunately, the majority of construction equipment exceeds at least one of the aforementioned measurements, which means that you will need special permits to haul it.

The cherry on the cake is that each province has their own regulations, which make matters more complicated. Hence, before shipping your equipment, you will have to apply for permits in each province through which your load will pass.

Packing & Unpacking

According to another rule, almost every province requires all construction equipment to be broken down into smaller components if possible. So when you ship your construction machinery packing and unpacking it becomes a huge hassle.

Benefits Of Using Flatbed Trucks

After outlining the various logistical challenges that you might face when shipping your construction equipment, it is now time to learn how flatbed trucks make the entire process a bit easier.

Here are some advantages of using flatbed trucks to haul your construction materials and equipment:


The biggest advantage of using flatbed trucks to haul your equipment is that it provides versatility. Everything can fit on a flatbed truck, whether you want to ship your construction crane or a piece of chopped wood.

A flatbed truck can cater to all sorts of construction equipment, so you can use them to transport all sorts of construction machinery and materials.

But make sure to only hire a professional towing company to haul your equipment as they have certified flatbed truck drivers who will safely transport your construction machinery.

Faster Operation

Another advantage of flatbed towing is that it is a faster way to transport your equipment.

With a standard shipping container loading and securing your equipment is a huge task which takes up a lot of time. Whereas flatbed trucks don’t have this problem because loading and securing your construction equipment is very easy, so this saves up a lot of time.

Easier Loading & Unloading

Since flatbed trucks don’t have sides or roofs like a standard shipping container, you won’t have to dismantle your construction equipment.

Instead, you can just load your construction equipment easily on the flatbed truck and transport it to your final destination. Similarly, unloading your equipment is also just as streamlined.

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