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Exceptional Tips To Avoid Car Breakdowns This Winter


Winter has once again knocked on every Canadian door. But with the beautiful white blanket of snow comes the agony of having to start a car with a frozen engine in the morning. For Canadian drivers, especially those in Edmonton, winter is quite a challenge. From failed spark plugs to low tire pressure, dead batteries, corroding vehicle parts, and frozen locks, there is so much you have to endure.

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However, all these inconveniences are bearable if you notice them in the comfort of your home. When they suddenly surface in the form of a breakdown on the road in the late winter evening, the excruciating frustration and nerve-wracking tension you are left to face are like none other. In such a situation, your only saviour is a professional provider of roadside assistance services.

Although fated events are inevitable, you must at least try your best to avoid any mishap. Indeed, there are a few vehicle issues specific to winter. Thus, you can always use the knowledge of why a phenomenon occurs to prevent it. For instance, you know that leaving your car out in the cold will thicken its engine oil. So the best way to prevent the problem is by parking the car in the garage.

For every winter situation, there is a solution. So for the purpose of this blog post, we shall provide you with some tips to help you avoid frustrating breakdowns this winter.

Maintain The Temperature In Your Garage

The main culprit behind every winter problem on the road is the low temperature. A vehicle may appear to be fine in the morning. But may suddenly come to an abrupt stop on the road and leave you stranded in frigid weather. In reality, the problem kept building overnight while its results made a grand appearance when you were on your way to work.

The best way to avoid these kinds of infuriating events is to keep the temperature in your garage in check. If you can not afford to invest in a garage or space heater, at least insulate the garage properly. Seal all gaps, cracks, and holes to keep the external elements at bay.

Not only will maintaining garage temperature prevent fluid freezing and battery damage, but it will also save your car from damage caused by frequent metal part contraction and expansion.

Practice Regular Car Maintenance

The importance of vehicle maintenance significantly amplifies in winter. Undeniably, the low temperatures with unending wetness create a perfect environment for rust, corrosion, mold, and mildew. For this reason, normal wear and tear accelerate in winter, resulting in costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns.

However, proper maintenance and daily pre-trip inspections can help reduce these issues. Every morning, start by checking your lights, completely defrost the car, inspect your car battery, check the tires, and do regular cleanups.

Use High-Quality Full-Synthetic Oil

Despite flaunting an ultra-modern design with sophisticated functionality, contemporary vehicles still face the problem of frozen engine oil in the winter. Temperatures of -10°C cause the oil to freeze, resulting in a vehicle’s refusal to start. This phenomenon is very common when you choose to go shopping on a cold day, and upon your return, you find that the car does not start.

The ideal preventive strategy for this situation is to use a less viscous full-synthetic oil with a low freezing point. Nonetheless, ensure that the oil is compatible with your car.

Replace Your Wipers

As a long-standing towing company in Edmonton, we have realized that unclear or foggy vision is the primary cause of off-road slips and collisions in winter. As the air around your windshield continuously condenses and evaporates throughout the day, the glass turns blurry and distorts your line of vision.

The latter results in many unpleasant scenarios. Undoubtedly, every driver knows that replacing windshield wipers every year is crucial. In our opinion, the perfect time for this replacement is winter, as you will need stronger wipers for clear vision.

Use Winter Tires

Due to their inflexible tread rubber, regular tires do not have the much-needed grip or strength to deal with slippery winter roads. Resultantly, drivers that use normal tires during the winter report more cases of busted tires, low tire pressure, and traction issues.

For places as cold and snowy as Canada, experts often stress the need to switch to winter tires for better control over your vehicle. These tires provide a better grip on the road and reduce your braking distance. Ultimately, the latter reduces the risk of slips and vehicle damage due to loss of control.

If A Breakdown Occurs, Rely Only On A Professional Towing Company

This tip does not necessarily prevent a vehicle breakdown. But it sure makes life easier and reduces the frustration resulting from a breakdown. Once the damage has occurred, your ultimate goal should be to avoid further problems.

Hence, instead of relying on a random mechanic, request reliable 24-hour towing and roadside assistance services from a reputed towing company in Edmonton.

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