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6 Beneficial Things You Need To Know About Action Towing

6 Beneficial Things You Need To Know About Action Towing

Knowing of a reputable towing company can be quite helpful when your car breaks down. Car problems can be troublesome, especially when you are stuck in a place with no facilities nearby. In such cases, knowing of a good towing company who offers 24/7 services can be quite helpful.

At Action Towing we are happy to serve you in your difficult moments. Car problems are inevitable, and there might be electrical or mechanical problems with your car. Read further and find out how Action Towing is helping its clients by providing the best towing services.

We Provide Speedy Response Services

Action Towing has good customer service. Imagine having a car breakdown when you are already running late for work. This would cause you great trouble putting your job at risk. Action Towing has quick emergency response. Our tow drivers are committed to a 30 minute or less arrival time, so you won’t have to wait long for us to arrive.

We Hire Experienced Staff

Towing truck drivers need to have the proper licenses to drive a tow truck vehicle. Most towing companies don’t have licensed professionals. Any damage caused to your vehicle will make you liable.

Action Towing hires qualified professionals to tow your vehicles. Our tow truck drivers have experience in professional towing. Our operator will always send you a professional driver to get you out of your situation. Our friendly staff listens to your concerns and answers your questions to ease your anxiety. Moreover, you will be compensated in case any of our employees accidently damage your vehicle.

Our Services Are Cost-Effective Solutions

Action Towing is a quick and affordable way to tow your vehicle to a safe spot. In an hour of emergency, towing companies are there to support you with their fast yet budget-friendly services. Action Towing has a clear price list mentioned on its website. We set prices according to per kilometer for cities and highways. We don’t charge fuel surcharges. Besides towing services, we provide other services such as vehicle boosting, vehicle unlocking, and scrap vehicle removal.

We Provide 24 Hour Services

You can give us a call at any time of the day. Action Towing provides all-day and all-night towing services. Even if your vehicle breaks down at midnight in the middle of the highway, our professionals will reach your point as soon as possible.

We Cover A Wide Area

It can be disappointing to search about a particular towing company only to find out that they don’t cover your area. Action Towing won’t disappoint you as we have a wide coverage area. We cover the broad areas of Edmonton to provide our customers with immediate towing services.

We Provide A Comprehensive Range Of Services

At Action Towing we provide a comprehensive range of services alongside towing that includes:

  • Tilt Deck Service
  • Auto Deck Removal
  • Lockout services
  • Vehicle Boosting Services
  • Vehicle Recovery Services

All such services are available upon your call at an affordable rate.

At Action Towing we know that you can’t always avoid vehicle breakdowns and other problems, but having us by your side can help you get out of whatever situation you may have found yourself in quickly.


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