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4 Vehicle Maintenance Tasks You Should Do In Spring

4 Vehicle Maintenance Tasks You Should Do In Spring

Spring has finally sprung, and after months of tolerating cold temperatures and harsh weather, it is no wonder that Canadians want to hit the road and enjoy pleasant road trips. But, while you may be in a rush to enjoy the weather, you mustn’t forget the needs of your vehicle and give it a thorough check-up. A spring car check-up will ensure that you don’t become stranded on your way before you even start your adventure.

Spring is the perfect time to schedule a detailed car inspection and maintenance. It helps you figure out the damage done to your vehicle by winter’s cold and snowy weather. It also helps protect your vehicle from the wrath of summer heat, which can wreak havoc on your car’s overall condition.

Below, we explain some of the important vehicle maintenance tasks you should do in spring. These tasks will ensure that you can safely let your guard down while enjoying your road trip this spring and summer.

Check Your Operating Fluids

It is essential to regularly check the levels and conditions of your vehicle’s operating fluids, including your engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Over different seasons, the properties of these fluids may change, making them less effective. Checking the fluid will also ensure that nothing is leaking and the fluids are not breaking. This will help you stay mindful of their condition and know when to schedule their replacement.

Your engine oil, for instance, thickens in the winter and may not remain efficient after the season. It also naturally picks up impurities over time. That’s why it is important to schedule an oil change at the start of spring and enjoy a perfect engine throughout the season.

Furthermore, depending on where you live, your vehicle’s coolant has to work way harder in the spring and summer than in winter. Because of this, you should make sure that your coolant levels are adequate and your system is working properly before the start of the first heat wave.

Change Your Cars Batteries

Canada’s extremely low temperatures during winter is bad news for your car battery. Car batteries have to work harder in low temperatures as it slows down their chemical reactions. However, if the same exhausted battery is allowed to continue to work through the summer heat, the two events can spell disaster for it. This is why it is generally considered a good idea to change or charge your batteries between different seasons.

Moreover, high temperatures can evaporate your batteries fluids and speed up corrosion, leading to battery failure. Therefore, to avoid the inconvenience of becoming stranded on the road, get your batteries tested and replaced if necessary.

Check Your Tires

Fluctuations in temperature and outside air pressure, for example, during a storm, can cause fluctuations in tire pressure. Generally, a tire loses or gains 1 to 2 PSI for every 10 degrees drop in temperature. For this reason, it is crucial to get your tires checked specifically before hitting the road for the day. As both under-inflated and over-inflated tires can cause problems on the road, make sure you adjust your tire pressure according to the recommended tire pressure in your car manual.

Moreover, if you use different tires for different seasons instead of using one set for all seasons, spring is the time to switch them out again. Also, check the tread depth in all your tires. Make sure the depth is consistent in all tires, and you don’t have any wheel alignment problems.

Inspect The HVAC System

One car feature that you surely don’t use in winter is the air conditioner. However, you’re going to need it badly on hot summer days, which are just around the corner. Therefore, when you turn your A/C on for the first time in spring, make sure to leave it running for a good 10-15 minutes. This will help your A/C get rid of any dust and strange smells and start working optimally again.

However, if something doesn’t seem to work right, or your A/C can’t get rid of a strange odour, it is best to get it inspected by a professional. The expert will see if the air ducts are clean and there are no leaks in the system.

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