Five Vehicle Problems That You Should Pull Off The Road For Immediately

When you encounter an issue with your vehicle while driving, it can instantly leave you feeling anxious and frustrated. It gets even more complicated if you’re running late for an important meeting and can’t afford to pull over and see what’s the cause of the problem. Sometimes, it so happens that you’re unable to understand the issue or have never experienced anything like this before and, therefore, are unaware of the dangers of not pulling over.

Most drivers who experience vehicle issues on the road can’t decide if they should stop their car or continue driving unless the problem is apparent and requires immediate and obvious attention. However, sometimes, less obvious vehicle problems can occur that people continue to drive through, even though the safest way is to pull over to the side of the road and call a towing company.

Below, we mention five common signs of vehicle problems that should be given immediate attention and not be ignored.

Sudden Changes In Car Handling

Car handling issues are easily noticeable. You just know when your car is not handling well, whether it is pulling to one side, drifting on sharp turns, or the steering wheel is showing changes in how it feels and reacts, and you feel like you don’t have control over your car anymore.

Vehicle handling problems can occur due to many reasons and can significantly impact your safety as a driver. This is why it is essential to pull over immediately and inspect what’s causing the problem. Sometimes, it is just the road’s surface causing the vehicle to wobble back and forth. It can also be much more significant, like a loose wheel, weak brakes, or a blown tire.

Loud Noises

Loud and sudden noises from your car may not necessarily point to a bigger problem, but pulling over to see what’s wrong can save you from headaches later on. It might be nothing at all, and you might have driven over a piece of rock on the road. Sometimes, it could also indicate a more serious issue with your cars engine, brakes, tires, or exhaust system.

Pulling over to take a quick look at your car can save you from potential hazards and expensive repairs.

Check Engine Light Comes On

The check engine light is designed to inform the driver about a possible problem with their car’s engine. When it comes on, it might indicate a minor issue such as a loose gas cap, but it could also mean something much more serious is going on with your engine that needs immediate repair or care.

Therefore, pulling over your car to see what’s wrong when your check engine light comes on is crucial to avoid serious mishaps. You should address even the simple issues with your engine once you pull over. For more serious problems, call roadside assistance or a towing company to help you.

Temperature Light Comes On

This is another clear sign that something is wrong with your vehicle, and you need to pull it over right away to avoid accidents and unexpected breakdowns.

The temperature light indicates that the engine is overheating, usually because of an antifreeze leak, and must be checked immediately before the heat damages its components.

Oil Light Comes On

The oil light indicates low oil pressure in the system. This means that the pump is not circulating enough oil, or there is not enough oil in the system for the pump to circulate. The oil keeps the surfaces lubricated, so you must pull over immediately and turn off the engine if the oil light comes on.

Avoiding these problems, and taking the risk of driving through them, can mean possible car breakdowns and expensive repairs. However, we understand that sometimes, things can go wrong, and you may need roadside assistance and towing services. At Action towing, we offer fast and reliable services throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. For quick service, contact us here.