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4 Benefits Of Flatbed Towing Services

4 Benefits Of Flatbed Towing Services

In Canada, flatbed trucking or towing services are very popular due to multiple reasons. It enables trucking companies to safely transport massive machinery, vintage vehicles, and more. Flatbed towing services are exceptionally famous among businesses and companies that are involved in the transportation of heavy pieces of equipment and machinery from one place to another.

Other towing services like a tilt deck or a hook and a truck might not be suitable for towing sensitive equipment or classic vehicles due to a high chance of them getting damaged. To ensure safety and seamless transportation, flatbed towing is the best option. It will help ensure the safe, damage-free transport of machinery and vehicles.

What Are Flatbed Tow Trucks?

Flatbed towing trucks are transportation vehicles that have a long, flat, and empty ‘bed’ with no doors, roof, or sides. Due to its flat design, a flatbed truck offers a wider area to work on. It can tow a car, bike, boat, or any vehicle if it fits the truck’s ‘bed’ area. They are versatile and guarantee safe and damage-free vehicle transport.

It Helps Avoid Added Delivery Mileage

Car manufacturers and dealers usually want to avoid car delivery mileage. This is why a flatbed truck is a more viable option to transport a new vehicle. It allows you to transport vehicles from the manufacturing point to a car dealer or from a dealership to their final buyers without any unwanted mileage usage.

There Is Less Likelihood Of Vehicle Damage

After an automobile accident such as a crash or going off-road, the vehicles involved must be transported to an auto repair shop. The same should be done for a vehicle that breaks down in the middle of the road. Virtually, any person with a truck and a hook can do this job. However, their lack of experience might do more damage than good. So, if you want to avoid such inconveniences, professional flatbed towing services that service across the city come in handy.

Flatbed towing service providers have a professionally trained and highly experienced workforce. These professionals are knowledgeable and well-equipped to ensure the safe loading, transporting, and unloading of your vehicle. If you want to avoid any more damage to your already damaged vehicle during its transport adding to your repair bills, this is your safest option.

It Is Convenient & Time Efficient

Using certain types of towing vehicles such as dolly trucks requires removal of the vehicle’s driving shaft to avoid potential damage. However, if you are using a flatbed towing service, then your vehicle will be loaded on the truck bed and strapped firmly to it. This will ensure safe transport to its desired destination.

Once it has reached its destination, the vehicle unloading process only requires the untying of its straps before it can be driven off from the truck bed. The simple loading and unloading process saves you time while transporting your vehicle conveniently to your desired location.

It Requires No Adjustments

Unlike in the wheel-lift towing trucks, the flatbed towing truck does not require any adjustments to transport a vehicle. As the vehicle’s wheels are not touching the ground in the flatbed towing method, it means that they won’t come in contact with any potholes or other damaging objects during its transportation. Hence, the vehicle and its wheels will not incur any damage during transportation.

At Action Towing, we provide expert vehicle towing services and emergency roadside assistance throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. For more information regarding our personalized services, contact us today.


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