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Winter Road Trip Preparation Checklist

Winter Road Trip Preparation Checklist

Whether you’re taking your entire family or setting out on a solo trip, preparation is vital for a successful winter road trip. Although you might think your vehicle is set and prepared to go for a long drive, it might not be the case when making a road trip during the peak of winter.

If you’re going to travel more than two to three hours one way, it’s helpful to take 10 minutes to give your car a quick check over before you hit the road. This is important because nothing takes the fun out of a road trip like a breakdown or having to get your car towed in the middle of nowhere.

Roads in winter can be dangerous, and driving somewhere during a winter storm can be real trouble. Ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition for winter storms by servicing your vehicle and packing a winter car emergency kit.

A winter road trip requires more preparation than a summer road trip. Do not forget to include the following vital things in your winter road trip checklist for a successful driving experience:

Inspecting Key Vehicle Parts

Before starting your extended winter road trip, have your car thoroughly inspected through a reliable mechanic to ensure it’s drive-ready in harsh weather conditions, like snow, rain, and hail. Inspect the brakes, tires, lights, belts, hoses, heater, defroster, oil, exhaust, battery, antifreeze, wiper blades, and windshield washer fluid, just to name a few.

Your mechanic could replace or repair any crucial vehicle components before your drive to ensure you don’t experience car trouble on your way.

Packing In The Basic Items

When packing your luggage for a long winter road trip, don’t forget to pack your vehicle with some daily necessities that will come in handy in various emergencies. Some of the useful items to pack may include food and water, a first aid kit, including band-aids, ointment, and medicine blankets, warm clothing, flashlights, sand or cat litter, shovel, ice scraper, booster cables, cell phone charger, maps and GPS, and more.

Taking Necessary Tools

When you’re stranded off-road in the middle of nowhere, you might not receive immediate help. In such cases, keeping the right tools in your vehicle can significantly help you get back on the road in time.

Many country mechanics don’t have quick access to replacement parts. You can get moving again if you carry some necessary spare parts like hose clamps or an accessory drive belt in your car.

Tools such as shovels, drop sheets, ropes, and extra fuel are also a good collection of tools to have for various emergencies. Your essential toolkit should include adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, wooden jack base, jack and pump, tire repair outfit, including valve key, wheel brace, tire levers, socket set, electrical tape, suitable fuses, vehicle light globes, and more.

Keeping A Professional Towing Service On Speed Dial

When you are on the road during winter, chances are your car might get stuck in the snow somewhere far away from the main road, or you might end up in an unfortunate accident. In that case, there’s not a lot that you can do. Not even your tool-kit or any other essential item you’re carrying can help you in such a situation.

The best you can do is keep an emergency roadside assistance specialist on speed dial and contact them right away if you’re experiencing any trouble with your vehicle. An expert towing company can help you move your car to your destination without being further damaged.

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