Why Choose Tilted Deck Truck For Recovery?

There are many types of trucks and equipment which a towing company uses to carry out various tasks. It depends on the circumstances and problems the specific client is in, that determines what type of truck is more appropriate. There are multiple advantages of a tilt deck truck, which we will discuss in this blog.

More space for passengers

One of the main advantages of a tilted deck truck for car and vehicle recovery is that it provides more seating capacity for the passengers of the damaged car. In this way, the passengers do not have to leave their car alone and wait for another separate vehicle to come and rescue them.

A tilted deck trailer can get you and your vehicle, at the same time, to your destination. Usually, these trucks can carry up to 5 people along with the damaged vehicle. This is quite some people to make sure that it will be a suitable option for most of the families, traveling together in one car.

Protects the damaged car better

The second advantage is that this type of truck protects the damaged vehicle from further wear and tear. Tilted deck trucks do not tow damaged cars and drag them behind but load them entirely on their tilted deck.

A car that has already met an accident or a halt does not have to suffer from towing. Instead, it remains at rest and remains near to its passengers so that they do not have to worry.

In some cases, a tilted deck truck becomes the only option, where the wheels of the car or the suspension are not in a position for the car to be towed normally. Another situation in which hiring a tilted deck truck for recovery is when the car owner is too particular and careful about his or her car. This is a great option for vehicle owners who don’t want to take any further risk and expose their vehicles to anymore damage. This is also an excellent option for vehicle owners who want to keep a close eye on their vehicle during the towing process.

When you are towing a car behind the truck by ordinary trucks, you are not only risking the client’s car but also are putting the other vehicles on the road or even pedestrians walking alongside it.

Takes less time

The functionality of a tilted deck truck makes it much more useful than other vehicles in certain situations. Whenever a car is stuck in a position that requires a deck at an angle to reach and enable the car to be lifted and boarded on the truck is easier, this is where a tilted deck truck for car recovery becomes very handy.

Let us take an example of a car stuck on the bank of a river or a pond. An ordinary truck will take too much time to get into the right position to recover the car. On the other hand, a tilted deck offers a quicker and more accessible approach towards the car. It can get the car out of the accident spot quicker.

Pulling out a damaged car from the accident spot becomes easier as the deck is adjustable. The driver of the recovery truck has the control and flexibility at his disposal to suit the position and distance between the recovery truck and the damaged car.

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