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When To Replace Your Car Battery

When To Replace Your Car Battery

Car batteries often die at the most inconvenient times. The battery in your car performs a critical function; it provides the power to start your car. Batteries should perform their job no matter the weather or driving conditions. However, like so many other parts of your car, the battery doesn’t last forever and needs to be replaced at some point. It’s better to replace the battery on time to avoid any inconvenience.

The expected life of a car battery

It is difficult to specify an exact time when you should replace your car battery. How long your car battery will last depends on a number of factors: environment, weather, time, vibration. Car batteries can deteriorate or become inefficient in as little as three years, although they can serve their purpose for five years or more if properly maintained. Since old and deteriorated batteries can lead to safety and reliability issues, it’s important to watch out for warning signs.

The battery in your car is a part of the larger automotive system. If something is wrong with the electrical system, a working battery can generate less power than it should. You can use an electronic tester (multimeter) to test the battery. It will help you determine whether or not you should replace the battery. You can have that test performed every time you visit an automotive shop for routine car maintenance and oil changes.

What affects the life of your car battery

If you are wondering how long your new car battery will perform at optimum level, three years or five years, have a look at your driving habits and the climate. For instance, if you take so many short trips which are less than 20 minutes, the battery wouldn’t have enough time to fully charge. This can have a negative impact on its overall life expectancy and performance. Similarly, the extreme temperature can also affect battery life. The scorching temperature of hot summer days can make batteries less efficient. On the other hand, freezing temperatures can also shorten battery life. The climate of your area can play a critical role in determining the service life of your car battery.

Warning signs

There are various signs that can tell a lot about the condition of your car components. Here are some signs you should watch out for:

  • Slow engine crank
  • Low battery fluid level
  • Bloating battery case
  • Bad odor
  • Excessive rust pileups

What to do when your car battery dies? Stay calm and call a roadside assistance service to get instant help. If you’re in Edmonton and need emergency roadside service, call Action Towing. We are here to take care of your roadside worries. Contact us for more information!


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