What Kind Of Tow Truck Service Do I Need?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a tow service, make sure to look for an experienced tow company that at least provides citywide towing services. However, before starting your search for the best towing company in your area, you should decide which type of towing service best fits your situation.

There are numerous types of tow trucks used in different situations for different types of materials and vehicles. When you call a professional towing company, they may ask you about your situation and send you the appropriate tow truck. But, still knowing what you need can save you a lot of time. Moreover, sometimes towing companies may just send the next available tow truck unless you specify your needs. So, knowing your requirements is never a bad idea and at times may pay off.

This blog post explains some of the common towing services you may need to know in order to get the right towing vehicle you need in various situations.

Hook And Chain Tow

As the name suggests this truck uses a long retractable chain with a hook attached at one end of it. The hook is tied on the bottom of either the front or back of the vehicle that needs to be towed. By doing so, the one end of the vehicle is lifted up and the other is still in contact with the ground and the car is pulled on the wheels that are on the ground.

The hook and chain towing method put a lot of pressure on the wheels that are in contact with the ground and can result in structural damage, worn out parts, scratches, and broken pieces. Therefore, this type of towing is only suitable in situations where extra damage is not a problem. For example, if the car is being towed to the junkyard or to the shop to be used for parts.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

This towing method works on a similar principle as the hook and chain method. However, instead of a hook, a metal yoke is placed under the driving wheels of the vehicle and then lifted up. In this approach, no pressure is applied on the wheels or parts of the vehicle.

Integrated Tow Trucks

These are used when a heavy-duty vehicle such as a rig or a bus needs to be towed. This has an extra axle attached to it, designed to provide extra safety and stability.

Flatbed Towing Services

This is the most widely used type of towing service across Edmonton. A flatbed tow truck has a flat bed-like empty space in the back which is operated by hydraulics. If the vehicle is still in working condition it can be driven up onto the bed.

Otherwise, the truck is designed to pull the vehicles on its own as long as the vehicle can be set in neutral. In short, when using a flatbed tow truck, the vehicle is not in any contact with the road, making it the safest option in many situations.

Flatbed towing might be the best towing method for cars that experienced an unexpected mechanical fault during a drive, vehicles that got into an accident, or simply for transporting a car from one place to another when the driver is not in the state to drive it.

Situation Where Flatbed Towing Is Best

Flatbed towing might be the best option in the following situations

  • You have a low profile vehicle and pulling it with a dolly might scrape the bottom.
  • The pulled vehicle completely supports an all-wheel drive and pulling it on two will damage the body and engine.
  • The towed vehicle is over the weight limit a dolly can handle.
  • The car has wheel damage.
  • The towed car is vintage or of high value and you cannot afford even minor damage.
  • The towing distance is long and having the car or vehicle towed on two wheels will wear it out.

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