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What Are the Disadvantages Of Common Tricks For Car Lock-Out?

What Are the Disadvantages Of Common Tricks For Car Lock-Out?

Seeing your car locked with the keys inside is a frustrating sight. Many times, it happens that you forget to take your car keys out of the ignition. And, you find yourself stranded in the parking lot or on the side of a road.

Car lock-out can be embarrassing, especially if you don’t know what to do next. You can call professional car lock-out helpers such as Action Towing. People often come up with a few common workarounds to get out of this situation. However, such methods can damage your car.

Read a few methods here and see how they can damage your car. After reading this, you will be convinced to call professional lock-out service providers.

Some Common Car Damaging Do It Yourself Methods

Use A Shoestring

A shoestring can be used to help you in a car lock-out situation. It can unlock your car in less than 10 seconds, but it is not for every car. All you have to do is form a loop, push this loop in the door and wrap it around the lock. Pull up the string to unlock your car.

This method of using a shoestring is, however, only applicable to those cars having a pull-up lock. It may not work for other types of locks. Moreover, this method is not time-efficient.

Use A Wire Hanger

Have you ever seen a person use a wire hanger on their car door and wondered what they were up to? Wire hangers can help you unlock your car door.

However, a major drawback of this method is that a wire hanger can damage your car’s rubber. The rubber keeps the door closed, and any damage to it can cause you to have to replace it.

Use A Rod And A Screwdriver

A rod and a screwdriver can also help open the lock on your car if your car keys are inside. What you can do is to make a space with the screwdriver. Now insert the rod in the car and open the lock. But, an iron rod can damage the inside of your car that can be costly. It can also damage your car’s paint.

Use A Tennis Ball

This method is also debatable among many, whether it works or not. To unlock your car with it, make a hole in the tennis ball. Place it on the keyhole of the car and push. However, many people have reported this one to be an ineffective method as the air pressure cannot open the lock.

Why Should You Call A Professional?

All this leaves you to call for professional help. Action Towing can give you the best roadside assistance, including car lock-out services. There are other car lock-out service providers out there that can help you.

But, Action Towing provides incredible car lock-out services if you are stuck anywhere in Edmonton. You can contact us here to get our services.

Other Important Tips

Keep A Spare

Keep another copy of your car keys with you. You can keep a car key copy at home or in a safe deposit box. It is necessary to remember the place where you keep your keys. Another trick you can do is to store your keys in a magnetic box. This will help you hide your keys somewhere on your vehicle.

Change Your Habits

We get clumsy sometimes and forget to take care of essentials. However, with a little practice, you can change your habits. Make it a habit to double-check your car keys, and take them out of the ignition.

To remind yourself, you can paste a sticky note saying, ‘do you have your keys?’. This can help prevent you from losing your keys in the car.

Attach A Key Ring

Attach a key-ring with keys or something that rattles so you remember to take your keys out. You can also attach a brighter key ring to remind you to take your keys out.


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