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Ways To Tow Safely In The Rain

Ways To Tow Safely In The Rain

The rainy season is beautiful and should be enjoyed. It is truly a season to relax, from sipping on your favorite hot chocolate to enjoying late-night campfires.

However, taking road trips in such weather is not without its risks. Rain increases the chances of problems with your vehicle, especially if you ignore their regular maintenance.

Improperly maintained cars can break down at any time of the day and can be quite a source of frustration for you. However, thanks to citywide towing and professional services you can make it out of the situation conveniently. But, if towing in this wet weather makes you a little bit nervous about the discomfort and other dangers, you are not alone.

Many people find it hard to tow their vehicles during this season. That’s why special emphasis is required to follow the safety rules and standards of towing in rainy weather. This blog post mentions a few ways in which you can tow a vehicle in the rain safely.

Invest In Good Headlights

Visibility might be a major issue in such weather. It can make it hard to look clearly through the screen and watch out for any ditches and rough patches on the road. Poor visibility can make it hard for you while driving and while towing.

Therefore, it is better to check all the lights off your towing trailer before hitting the road. Make sure to take the time to walk around your rig, checking every light, and see if they are working fine upon pressing the brakes.

Check The Tires

Tires can lose traction in the rain and cause the truck to slip on the road. This can be quite dangerous for both the tow truck and the vehicle being towed. Fishtailing with a trailer is a terrible experience and can be quite scary on a busy road.

So, you must keep an eye on your tires and make sure that they are in good condition. Check your tires tread and replace tires that have wear and tear or need maintenance.

Moreover, you should replace your tires about every 7-8 years. Because even though you may not be able to see any visible signs of physical damage, they might not be in good working condition.

Get Rain-Repellent Windshield Spray

Rain-Repellent Windshield Spray is quite helpful in fighting against ice, snow, and rain. It can assist in shedding off the water against your windshield. This tool can be quite helpful in improving the visibility of your screen. Spray the product on your mirrors and windows, and you are good to go.

Replace Your Windshields Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are extremely necessary to clean away the rainwater. If they are damaged, your windshield will not be clear, and thus you will have visibility issues.

If you feel that your tow truck has some problem with its windshield wiper blades, replace them at once. They are important to make the road visible to you as you drive your vehicle.

Keep Helpful Gear

Having helpful gear is necessary for a tow truck driver and any vehicle owner. The gear or toolbox must have the necessary tools and other important items to combat unexpected weather conditions. Having the right gear on hand for emergency purposes might include items such as:

  • A flashlight
  • Water
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Extra hook and chain
  • Food
  • Screwdriver and other similar tools

Read this blog here to learn about the essential items you should keep in your car.

Drive Slow

One of the wisest things you can do while towing or getting your car towed is to drive slow. The rain can be unpredictable, and even though you may think that your tires are in perfect condition, your vehicle can still slip on the road.

Driving slowly in wet weather is important to safely tow any vehicle. Rain can decrease traction on the road and cause hydroplaning, making you hit other vehicles or boundary walls of the road.

Therefore, take it slow while driving on the roads, especially when it is raining.

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