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Vehicle Recovery Service In Edmonton

Vehicle Recovery Service In Edmonton

In many cases, vehicles end up in circumstances which require special trucks and equipment to extract stuck vehicles. Heavy vehicles such as recreational trucks, heavily loaded trucks, and buses can get well off the roadbed because of their mass and momentum. Apart from heavy vehicles, off-road lightweight vehicles often get stuck where it becomes impossible to extricate them without professional help. This is where vehicle recovery service comes into play.

Recovery operators are professionals who carry out recovery operations using different tow trucks and equipment. They are also called “tow men” and “wrecker drivers”. At Action Towing, we have been serving Alberta with fast and reliable vehicle recovery service for many years. Being a team of highly-experienced recovery operators, we do our best to perform all kinds of towing operations, whether simple or complicated, in a time-efficient manner.

Vehicle recovery, in simple words, is the transportation of a vehicle to a destination. There are literally endless types of vehicle recovery situations, each one unique to itself. Roadside recovery, for example, entails anything from a flat tire to a dead battery and lockout. We have designed our services in a way which allows us to cover everything from small roadside jobs such as lockout and boosting to complex jobs such as heavy duty towing and recovery in Edmonton.

When a car or truck is off the road, whether damaged in an accident or stuck in the mud, the job of a recovery team is to get it back on the road or haul it to a wrecker yard. This seems like a simple task. However, it is difficult to recover a vehicle which is already heavily damaged, tangled up with trees or other objects.

Equipment, which is generally used to undertake recovery operations include straps, towing dollies, bow shackles, cut off saws, etc. Personal protective equipment is also important for operators’ safety. For example, if recovery operators have to work in low light conditions, they must use high-viz safety garments to improve their visibility.

Winch outs are often used to perform heavy recoveries. If you do a lot of off-road activities, it is important that you have a reliable vehicle recovery service in your contacts. If you are in the city of Edmonton and ever need roadside assistance, recovery, or towing service, keep Action Towing in mind. We’re always available to help get you out of trouble. Whether your vehicle is stuck, broken down, or damaged in an accident, give us a quick call 24/7 and we will be right there to help you. Visit our website for more information!


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