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Vehicle Maintenance Tips To Do In The Fall

Vehicle Maintenance Tips To Do In The Fall

Summer has ended, and now is the time to start your vehicle maintenance for the upcoming cold weather. As temperatures drop, your car’s performance also falls. Your car may struggle to start up, the engine may take longer to get heated up, or you may experience issues with low tire pressure.

Therefore, you must ensure that your car is in good health before heading out for a long journey. We have come up with some vehicle maintenance tips you can follow to help maintain your car’s health during winter. Follow these hacks to help keep your car in good working condition, even in severely cold weather.

Test the Heater

As soon as the leaves start to fall you should check your heater. Temperature goes down suddenly in northern parts, especially in Edmonton. Therefore, you must check your car’s heater before winter.

If your car is taking too long to heat up, ask your mechanic to make the necessary changes. There may be problems with the thermostat, water pump, or heater core.

Check All Lights

In winter, days get shorter. The night comes sooner, and most of the time, you have to drive in the dark. Even fog makes it difficult to drive during the day.

With time, the headlights of cars become cloudy because of the degradation of UV on them. If you see some brown deposits on your headlights, it is time to have them changed.

Foggy headlights can be a serious threat to safe driving. Changing the bulb is a simple task, and its method can be found in the car’s manual. Also, ensure that your indicators are working brightly.

Check Tires

The winter season requires tires that have more traction and grip. Only those tires can provide you with safe driving during the snowy season. Maintain the health of your tires and check their tread level regularly. If the tread is left by 1/8th level, it is time to change your tires.

You can buy all-season tires if you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend money on changing tires every summer and winter. In contrast, winter tires provide better traction ability, especially for snow.

Inspect Brakes

Check your car brakes regularly to ensure they are working correctly. Check your brake pads too. If their friction material level is below 4mm, it is time to get them checked by a mechanic.

Moreover, ensure that you change your brakes oil and see if they are ready to operate in winter conditions. Replace with new ones and check again in rainy conditions to see if they are working properly.

Ensure Smooth Working Of Wipers

You have to use your car’s wipers a lot during the winter season. It rains and snows heavily, making you use your wipers more often to see the road ahead. Check that your wipers are in good working condition by turning on your washers and wipers. If they clean streak-free, they are working fine.

However, if your wipers are screeching and not cleaning smoothly, it may be time to replace your wipers. Car wipers often need replacement every 6 months. You can easily find them at the car’s store, and replace them on your own.

Check Your Battery

Winter is already a gloomy season for some. And, it is further frustrating if your car doesn’t start because of a dead battery. Get a technician to check your car’s battery before winter to prepare for the upcoming season. Make sure all connections are snug and free of rust.

If the connections are rusted or broken, you must go to a professional mechanic to get them checked. Moreover, check the water level regularly and fill it up with distilled water to ensure the smooth running of your car.

Final Words

Checking your tires pressure, oil levels, and exhaust systems are other precautions you need to check to prepare your car for the upcoming winter season. Having these things checked before winter will ensure that you will not waste any of your time this winter trembling outside, looking helplessly at your failed vehicle.

Check all these points, or hire a professional company to check your car to make it safe for winter.


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