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Types Of Vehicles That Require Heavy Duty Towing

Types Of Vehicles That Require Heavy Duty Towing

Different types and sizes of heavy vehicles enter and leave a city daily. When there’s an increased movement of big trucks and large automobiles, there’s also often a greater need for expert heavy-duty towing services. Some things are bound to happen while driving large-sized vehicles like breakdowns, accidents, and rollovers.

Heavy-duty tow trucks are large and extremely powerful – they can be utilized to tow all types of vehicles. These trucks are equipped with an amplified recovery mechanism and pulling power that’s needed to provide help in even the most challenging massive automobile recovery situations.

Many professional towing services also equip their towing trucks with under-reach and wheel-lift technology, enabling them to provide high-powered and damage-free towing facilities. Sometimes, your vehicle can be towed with regular tow trucks, but, in exceptional cases, you’ll require a heavy-duty towing company for effective towing.

Let’s talk about some of the common types of vehicles that require the expert services of heavy-duty towing companies to achieve the best towing experience:


There are many challenges involved in towing a bus. It’s challenging to haul these large-sized vehicles without using specialized equipment because of their immense weight and size. Pulling a bus is something that can only be accomplished with the help of heavy-duty tow trucks.

These tow trucks are specially designed to tow any bus effectively and safely to need anywhere. Besides, the majority of the towing firms also customize their tow trucks with specialized tools to avoid skirting and ground effects when performing long-distance towing. The extended wheel-lifts on these heavy-duty trucks ensure that your bus gets safely towed to its destination.

Extreme Vehicles

Extreme vehicles that roll on more than six wheels or tracks require heavy-duty towing for rescuing. Towing large vehicles like big rigs, garbage trucks, and bobtails is not an issue for heavy-duty towing trucks. These trucks are specifically designed for this job, and they can be used to haul any large vehicle.

Much like towing a bus, many towing companies use wheel-life and under-reach capabilities for effective towing results. There are even some heavy-duty tow trucks that can transport a variety of big vehicles all at once as well. Other types of over-sized, specialty, and bulky equipment can also be towed with heavy-duty tow trucks.

Semi-Trucks And Trailers

Semi-trucks themselves are heavy-duty automobiles that often need heavy duty towing service to take them out of emergencies. If you need to tow a disabled single axle trailer or a semi-tractor, it’s best to call a heavy-duty towing company near you for efficient towing.

Towing semi-trucks, tractors, and trailers can be dangerous, and requires much knowledge and experience for successful operation. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you only hire the services of a heavy-duty towing service provider that has highly trained tow truck drivers to avoid damage to your expensive vehicle.

Motorhomes and RVs

When towing a huge motorhome or RV, a heavy-duty towing service may be required. Due to the increasingly complex size and shape of such vehicles, it’s best to obtain the services of qualified heavy-duty towing experts. These specialized heavy-duty towing service providers are licensed and fully insured, and provide a damage-free transportation service for your recreational vehicle.

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