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Transporting Classic Cars In Edmonton: Here Is What You Need To Do

Transporting Classic Cars In Edmonton: Here Is What You Need To Do

Your classic car is a valuable asset and it will be even more valuable next year, which means you need to be careful when preparing your car for transportation. Moving your car from one place to another would be less stressful if you properly prepare your car and hire a reliable towing company in Edmonton to get the job done in a safe and affordable manner. The benefit of hiring a dependable company is that your classic car will arrive at the destination without being damaged.

Find a transportation expert

When it comes to moving your antique or classic car, you shouldn’t trust a company blindly. Old cars demand special handling practices. It’s advisable to choose a company that has extensive experience dealing with antique cars. It’s not difficult to find a professional contractor when you know the qualities you should be looking for in transportation service.

Nobody wants to have an amateur operator handle their highly valuable antique cars. Look for an experienced company. Experienced tow truck drivers and operators at Action Towing understand what it takes to transport and handle classic cars.

Review available transport options

Flatbed trailers are mostly used to transport special cars, whether old or new. This is an affordable and safe way to move a car. While transporting cars using open trailers can expose your assets to road debris, vehicles handled and towed by experts are sure to arrive at their destination in a safe manner. An enclosed trailer can also be used to ship an antique car just to ensure peace of mind.

The transportation service might need a winch to load your car in case there are mechanical or electrical issues with your car. Make sure to avoid loading methods that can damage your vehicle or decrease its value.

Inspect and wash your car

It’s recommended to wash and inspect your car before transporting it. Look for dents, chipped paint, or scratches when washing your car. It’s helpful to take photos of all the dents and existing damage. Marking pre-existing notes will help you avoid inconvenience.

Remove all valuables

A responsible towing company will do everything in their capacity to keep your vehicle protected. However, you should remove all valuables from the car: personal items, removable emblems, toll devices, etc. Taking all the removable items out of your car will make your car lighter, and make sure that there will be no objects shifting around in the car during transportation.

About Action Towing

Action Towing is one of the most trusted towing and transportation companies in Edmonton. We provide a variety of towing and roadside assistance services. If you’re looking for safe and affordable transportation of your car, feel free to contact us!


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