Tow Trucks Used For Vehicle Recovery

Towing and vehicle recovery service providers have to make sure they can provide quality service on every call and for every client. To achieve this, they need to be prepared for any type of an emergency. This is where the importance of tow trucks becomes evident. It is essential to have the appropriate tow truck for performing a vehicle recovery as there is no certainty where and how the vehicle is stuck or if there are any other conditions to its recovery. The problem arises when the professional towing service providers realize that there are so many variables to look into before committing to their clients.

To avoid such a situation or perhaps just to save time and enhance their quality of service, a towing company usually has to maintain a whole fleet of different tow trucks ready to serve.

Range Of Trucks

There is a whole range of options to choose from when it comes to buying a tow truck. Depending upon the usage one makes their purchase. A towing company, however, will have to look into more details like the mass of the truck, its dimensions, suspensions, acceleration, body type, driving options and the list goes on. The purpose of a tow truck is to pull and push or even carry or lift another vehicle, these variables can change depending on the other vehicle or the terrain where it might have to work. This is why towing companies have to maintain all types of tow trucks just to be ready for the job.

Truck Weight And Power

There are however some key points that are considered by the towing companies as they maintain their fleet of tow trucks. The weight and power of a tow truck are usually what makes it easier to determine if it can recover a vehicle or not. The general concept is that the tow truck has to be heavier and more powerful than the vehicle it’s supposed to recover or tow. This way there will not be any high exertion on the tow truck and will be able to do its job easily.

Pull And Push Capacity

Tow trucks have their own specifications which include engine power, torque, pull and push capacity among other aspects. If a tow truck is forced to recover or tow a vehicle that is beyond its capacity, it can damage the engine of the tow truck and the recovery will not be possible. In this sense, a towing company decides the appropriate tow truck by understanding the towing mechanics and its pull and push capacity for an efficient towing service.

Terrain And Traction

Vehicle recovery in a snow-clad landscape or a slippery muddy off-road is two very different terrains. The traction of the tow truck has to be impeccable to make sure the towing or vehicle recovery is done in the most safe and secure way possible. This is where the tires and the overall grip of the tow truck are considered before the power and weight of the truck comes into question. We can see here clearly that the type of terrain can actually force the towing company to decide which truck would be more suitable for the job.


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