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Top Survival Items To Keep In Your Vehicle This Winter

Top Survival Items To Keep In Your Vehicle This Winter

Being one of the most sought after towing services in Edmonton, we cannot be thankful enough to our esteemed clients. In all our years of serving Edmonton, we have had our fair share of witnessing situations that are just too scary and problematic, for us and our clients both. Years of emergency vehicle recovery services have taught us many vital survival tactics. This is why we have dedicated this blog entry to help you prepare for this coming winter.

We have shortlisted some of the essential things you can keep in your vehicle to help you survive in the off chance that you encounter a vehicle break-down in the snow this winter.

Tire Chains

If you have to drive in the harsh winter of Edmonton, we assure you that you will confront slippery roads. Now wet roads in the summer may be dangerous, but they are not as dangerous as winter roads, sometimes because of how consistent, and sometimes how unpredictable the snow and ice can be. Whatever the reason may be, the point is slippery roads are very hazardous. Therefore, we recommend that you keep proper tire chains in your trunk at all times and use them when necessary.

Jumper Cables or Vehicle Battery Charger

Low temperatures make it difficult for any vehicle to start in the morning; this is why car batteries often get weak in the winter as the engine needs more power to start. This is perhaps the most common car trouble in the winter peak time. It can happen to anyone you know at work, or even your neighbour might need a boost. This is why we recommend that you keep a set of tested jumper cables or even a portable battery charger like the Eliminator in your vehicle so you can manage a dying battery issue.


It may sound like an old cliche to mention a flashlight here; still, a lot of folks don’t have one in their car, van, or truck, and we cannot ignore the usefulness it has if you get stranded in the dark winter nights of Edmonton. We recommend that you keep a good quality flashlight within reaching distance in your vehicle, and make sure it’s one that has a long-lasting battery. While you’re at it, you should keep some extra batteries for it as well, just to be extra safe.

Solar Cell Phone Charger

We sincerely hope that you never get into a situation where you would need to spend more than a couple of hours while you wait for your emergency vehicle recovery service. However, we can never be sure what lies ahead when we step out of our homes. In case of a winter car emergency, especially if you’re making a road trip towards the mountains. We emphasize that you keep a solar-powered phone charger with you so you can call upon someone in an emergency.


Gloves are essential for winter, even if you need to check the radiator or clean the windshield in the morning. You must use gloves with waterproofing so you can easily do these tasks without any significant risk to your hands.

Survival Knife

A survival knife is a great thing to carry on your long road trips. Survival knives provide a broad spectrum of utilities to the users. However, a survival knife can be beneficial if you need to cut off your seatbelts after a collision or perhaps something scarier happens.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should be in every car, no matter if it’s summer or winter. The first aid kit is useful for so many reasons, like cleaning a minor wound to even dressing a serious one. First aid kits must be a part of your travel itinerary all the time, and if you keep a small fire extinguisher with that first aid kit, it will be an extra help someday for sure.


A shovel for removing snow off the road can do wonders for you; we hope you never reach a point that you will need it. Still, keeping it handy will end up being a good thing for you if you regularly drive in winter.

Action Towing is a master of emergency vehicle recovery and towing services, especially in Edmonton. We are fully prepared and amply equipped to help with any roadside assistance. We encourage our clients to visit our website for a better understanding of our services or call us so we can guide you personally.


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