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Top 5 Most Deadliest Driving Distractions

Top 5 Most Deadliest Driving Distractions

Distracted driving refers to a situation when a driver’s attention from driving diverts, as a result of the driver doing non-driving activities. It decreases alertness and affects the decision-making power of a driver, leading to increased risk of road accidents. In Canada, distracted driving is one of the major factors contributing to almost 8 in 10 collisions.

While it’s legal to perform some actions during driving such as using hands-free communication devices and viewing the display screens of GPS devices, it’s not appropriate to use devices to text or email or do anything which might distract you from driving. Programming GPS systems or viewing display screens that are not related to driving are also considered distractions.

When driving, don’t perform any activity that takes your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road, or your mind off the task of driving safely. Avoid high-risk activities that needlessly increase the risk of fatal road accidents.

Top 5 Distractions

Drivers can easily get distracted. Here are the top 5 distractions that contribute to accidents:

  1. Daydreaming: being lost in thoughts while driving can be as dangerous as impaired driving. There is one thing common in being drunk and being lost in thoughts; both conditions make it difficult for the driver to focus on the road.
  2. Cell phone use: The use of mobile devices is one of the most common distractions whether you’re driving or at work. Using a cell phone while driving is very dangerous. Activities like dialing, texting, talking and listening can get you in trouble.
  3. Other occupants: Talking or looking at other people in the car or outside the car is also a distraction.
  4. Lack of sleep: Most drivers are familiar with the situation when lack of sleep or drowsiness makes it difficult and alarmingly dangerous to drive. An urge to sleep is a strong distraction.
  5. Eating, drinking, and smoking: Believe it or not, eating or drinking can be a distraction. Lighting a cigarette also takes the driver’s attention off the road.

How to avoid distractions

As a driver, you should do everything in your capacity to ensure safe driving. Here are some tips to reduce distracted driving:

  • Turn off your cellphone or put it away
  • Avoid drinking and eating
  • Never drive when drunk
  • Maintain a quiet and clean environment
  • Get enough sleep before driving
  • Turn down the music

There are situations that might not sound like distractions but they are. First, when waiting at traffic lights; drivers want to use free time and do something such as adjusting the GPS or lighting a cigarette or making a phone call. When the light unexpectedly turns green, drivers naturally tend to accelerate while still doing something else. Such situations can increase the risk of accidents.

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