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Top 5 Do’s And Don’ts While You Wait For A Tow Truck

Top 5 Do's And Don'ts While You Wait For A Tow Truck

Driving a car over a long distance every day to get to your office, school, or any other place may not be very thrilling. However, things can take a turn for the worse when your car unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of the road. You can experience vehicle trouble for several reasons, like a flat tire, a dead battery, overheating, or even a minor accident. There are a few things to remember to ensure a safe and stress-free recovery while you’re waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

So, whether your vehicle broke down or you were involved in an accident, the first thing you need to do is call for towing services or roadside assistance. The towing company will help move your car to a safe location where you can get it inspected and repaired. Moreover, while waiting for your tow truck to arrive, you must ensure that you and everybody else on the road are safe. For that, below we enlisted the top five do’s and don’ts you must follow while waiting for a tow truck.

Do Turn On Your Hazard Lights

As soon as you notice a problem with your car, whether it’s an unusual smell coming from your car engine or you’re having difficulty staying in control, the foremost thing you should do is turn on your hazard lights.

This will help you alert and signal other drivers that there is an issue with your car and, therefore, you can’t move. It will also allow incoming traffic to pay attention to your vehicle and avoid further accidents and damage.

Moreover, as soon as people on the road see your hazard lights on, they will slow down their vehicles and make room for your car so you can safely pull it off the road.

Do Pull Off The Road Safely

The second most important thing you should do when you notice a problem with your vehicle is to pull it safely off the road. This will help you stay out of the way of incoming traffic which may not see you and run right into your car. It will also ensure that you are not disrupting the normal flow of traffic.

Try to choose a flat spot as away from the traffic as possible. Once parked, apply emergency brakes. This is important to prevent further risk of injury to yourself and others.

It is noteworthy if you feel it is not safe to drive anymore, you should stay where you are and not move. Just make sure you have turned on your hazard lights and have a way to alert other drivers. You can also use your emergency car kit to alert other drivers.

Don’t Leave The Scene

In most cases, it is much safer to remain in the car than to leave it while waiting for a towing service. Even if the towing service arrives before the police and other authorities do, ensure to remain at the scene until you have exchanged all the necessary phone numbers and insurance information.

However, if you must leave your car, for example, in case of a fire, you should do so by alerting other drivers and safely exiting the vehicle in case of fire. Also, ensure that you stay within sight while waiting for professional help to arrive.

Don’t Accept Rides From Strangers

You must stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings. If another motorist offers you a ride while you’re standing on the side of the road, be very cautious about accepting their offer.

This is important for your safety as you cannot judge the intentions of people by their faces. Furthermore, you already have a tow truck coming for help, so you don’t need to accept anyone else’s assistance. If someone does approach your vehicle to offer service, tell them politely that you already have a towing company on the way.

Don’t Waste Your Phone’s Battery

Once you have made a call to your reliable towing company for recovery, you may have to wait for a while before the tow truck arrives. During this time, you may be tempted to pass your time by looking at your phone or scrolling through your social media, but you should avoid all this to preserve your phone’s battery.

You may have to use your phone to make an emergency call, or the tow truck driver may need to speak to you to find your exact location. However, if your phone is not charged or you have drained your phone’s battery while waiting, it may become difficult for others to contact you and for you to contact them.

Get Help From Action Towing

If you ever find yourself needing emergency towing services in Edmonton, do not hesitate to contact Action Towing for quick and affordable roadside recovery. For more information, visit our website or contact us here for personalized service.


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