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Tips To Avoid Common Tow Truck Mistakes In Winter

Tips To Avoid Common Tow Truck Mistakes In Winter

Winter is a season to enjoy. Unfortunately, it brings some inconveniences, especially for motorists. Winter towing doesn’t only mean you have to deal with towing but also with the harsh weather conditions.

However, knowing any possible mistakes in advance and how to handle them can greatly reduce stress during that time. If you think you will require the services of a tow truck this winter season or will be hauling lots of cars, read about the most common towing mistakes below and how you can avoid them.

Not Choosing The Right Tires

Your tow truck’s tires are something your whole vehicle is dependent on. With time, your tires can lose traction capability, thus losing grip. Snow and icy areas can badly damage your tires and can negatively impact your grip on the road.

Many tow truck drivers make the mistake of not regularly checking their tires. What happens is that the area becomes slippery, and the truck loses its traction. Checking your tires periodically and timely, and replacing them with the new ones can minimize this problem to a greater extent.

Driving Your Truck Like A Car

Your truck has a different mechanical structure and driving tactics than a regular vehicle. Many mistakenly drive their truck like a car. They know things about their vehicle, such as when to take turns, when the brakes should be applied, and how to turn the wheels.

Many towing companies give their drivers training on how to drive in winter. A practice of about 105 hours is performed before issuing them licenses for truck driving. This is one of the minimum requirements companies need to issue licenses.

Stay In The Car If You Are Waiting

You don’t need to get out of your car and stand there to wait for a tow truck. If the weather outside is cold, it is always advisable to stay in the car and wait for the driver to come. Staying inside your car will help to keep you warm and dry.

Not Having The Right Tire Pressure

The temperature change can affect your car’s tire pressure by as much as 10 psi. Checking your tires pressure is one of the basic things one must check before heading out anywhere. This also goes the same for your tow truck in the winter. Your truck’s tires must be at optimum level. Check your tow trucks tire pressure before leaving to tow a car on the highway.

Parking Your Car In A Hazardous Place

Keep your surroundings in mind when parking your car and waiting for a tow truck to arrive. In winter, you will likely be surrounded by icy patches in the road. This can lead to accidents as the passing cars can slide into your car. Make sure you park your vehicle in a safe spot.

Thinking That It’s Summer Time

Winter conditions are harder to drive in. Therefore, it becomes necessary to undergo the training for wintertime driving. Jackknifing becomes common in the winter season because of the slippery road conditions. This happens when the driver doesn’t give enough time to take a turn. A minimum period of at least 6 seconds must be given to make a smooth and safe turn in snowy conditions.

Not Installing The Trailer Brakes

Winter weather requires more brakes. Therefore, making the mistake of not having trailer brakes can be disastrous. One of the best ways to get a good grip on the road is to have trailer brakes. These help your tow vehicle and trailer to distribute the braking force between them.

Not Being Prepared

You must be thinking and taking precautions about how you will be dealing with the upcoming winter season. Your fuel begins to gel below -15°C, making it useless. As a preventive measure, drivers must make sure that they have spare fuel with them.

Apart from this, having an emergency kit is crucial to deal with an unexpected situation. You must have the necessary tools, cables, torch lights, and other essentials.

Rely On Action Towing

Action Towing is your reliable towing partner when it comes to experienced safe towing. If you are stuck in the middle of the road and looking for a tow, we are here to help you regardless of any condition. Contact us here to get fast emergency services.


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