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5 Tips To Manage Post-Accident Trauma

5 Tips To Manage Post-Accident Trauma

Being involved in an accident is a mortifying encounter. No sane person ever plans to be in an accident. Hence, it comes as a huge shock and post-accident trauma is inevitable. While some fortunate individuals can cope with the situation sensibly, others feel overwhelmed and unnerved.

According to the World Health Organization, accidents worldwide steal about 1.3 million precious lives each year. Human beings are either consciously or subconsciously aware of the dangers of driving. Hence, Edmonton is no exception to this bitter reality.

In an accident, there are three major concerns:

  • Physical injuries
  • Extreme stress and trauma
  • Damage to the vehicles involved

Thanks to exceptional towing service providers, the loss resulting from the third bullet point can be greatly minimized. However, our main concern is the mental pressure you as a driver have had to endure after an accident.

To support our fellow drivers, we hereby present a few tips that may help calm their nerves.

Tips To Overcome Post-Accident Trauma

The stress of an accident does not just last a day or two. For some individuals, it can go on for months or even years. Primarily, the effects depend upon the severity of the accident and the individual’s sensitivity to such occurrences. In some instances, the victims may even suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, extreme anxiety, debilitating phobias, depression, etc.

First and foremost, we earnestly hope and pray that you will never need to use these recommendations. Nevertheless, if fate does unfavourably get a hold of you, the tips listed below may help lessen the blow on your mind.

Here is how you should approach the situation:

1. Maintain Your Composure

It has happened and you can not change that.

Yes, it may be difficult to accept that the incident has indeed occurred. But letting your nerves get the best of you will worsen the problem. Although shock is inevitable in these types of situations, try to overcome it. After all, there is a lot that needs your critical attention at the moment.

There is going to be a lot of chaos and passersby will stare but the best way forward is to:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Keep calm
  • Think straight
  • Do not let the attention overwhelm you

Trust me, the situation will become a lot more manageable if you do not panic.

2. Assess The Circumstances

If you successfully implement the first tip, the next step will become relatively easier. This is because the next step requires critical judgement and clear comprehension skills. If you are injured to a point where movement causes unbearable pain, stay where you are and request help. A lot of good samaritans will be more than happy to help you out.

But if the situation involved a collision, get out of the car and assess the scene. Inspect the damage done to the other party, and that to your own vehicle. But do not start screaming whose fault it was. Handle the situation like a mature adult.

3. Do Not Run!

Okay, so there might be a strong urge to escape the uproar as soon as possible to avoid the prying eyes. However, the latter is not only immoral but also dangerous for you. Firstly, it will make you the culprit even if you were the victim. Secondly, you might have unknowingly sustained internal injuries and by fleeing the scene, you are depriving yourself the chance to obtain instant medical assistance.

4. Seek Medical Help

If you feel uncomfortable, have sharp muscle pain, or numbness, immediately request medical help. Usually, people make the mistake of neglecting such pains and concentrate on just getting over and done with the whole situation. In doing so, they deny the offer to be taken to the hospital. As mentioned earlier, there is no room for recklessness in such situations.

You may not feel any physical pain on the spot, but hidden injuries are usually more fatal than visible ones. Hence, use your better judgement in such a situation.

5. Call Out To A Reliable Towing Service Provider

If things are not severe, then it is time to think of your poor car. Most of the time, driving your car home after such an occurrence is not a great idea. You have just been in an accident and the event might not easily leave your mind for the coming few days. As experts say, distracted driving increases the chance of an accident by 500%. That is definitely not something you would fancy.

As a result, the best option is to delegate the rest of the worry to a professional towing company. They are well-versed in dealing with such scenarios and will do what is essential for your vehicle.

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