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Tips For Getting Your ATV Unstuck

Tips For Getting Your ATV Unstuck

Exploring nature on your ATV can be a perfect weekend and leisure time activity. But when you get far out in the wilderness and get stuck, you’ll find yourself in a very difficult situation. When you get stuck in the mud or your ATV falls in a ditch you need to have a strategy to get out of the problem.

The event of an ATV getting stuck in mud or soil is a lot more compared to normal cars. Whether it happens due to the overexcitement of the driver or any other reason, it is very stressful. The simplest way out is to get services from a roadside assistance company and get the vehicle winched.

In this blog, we have compiled some useful tips on what you can do to get your ATV unstuck without damaging your vehicle.

Use A Winch

One way to get your vehicle safely out of the situation is to anchor a winch to your towing vehicle. When you have small winches attached to your four-wheeler, you can attach them to a friend’s quad, or any other vehicle and drive or tow your ATV out of the sticky situation.

Use A Come-Along And Vehicle Straps

A small device known as a come-along can be very helpful to get your ATV unstuck. A come-along is a hand-powered winch that allows you to get your ATV out of the ditch with the help of a friend. There are two vehicle straps with the winch that are attached to your quad to get it unstuck. Most come-alongs fit in normal back bags, making them quite easy to carry along on your adventurous drives out in nature.

Create Your Anchor

Sometimes you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no tree to anchor, and nothing to attach to to winch your vehicle out. What do you do? In this case, you have no choice but to create an anchor point to help you drive your four-wheeler out of the mud.

Many riders solve this problem by packing a steel rod with an eyebolt on it. Moreover, having some ice-climbing anchors are helpful to have on hand to use as makeshift anchors. Use either of these and place them on solid and sturdy ground shaping away from your vehicle and attach the tow straps to them to make a solid, reliable, and strong anchor. Only then will you be able to winch your quad out of the mud in the middle of nowhere.

Bring A Shovel

Sometimes there is no anchor point, tow straps, or a come-along for you to use and get your vehicle out of the mud. In this situation, the only thing you can do is to get the soil away from the tires so that they can contact the ground and drive themselves out of the situation. It is better to have a small foldable shovel in your bag otherwise you may have no choice left but to use your hands. As scooping some mud away from the wheels can provide them enough traction to get going again on their own.

Tilt Your ATV Back And Forth

If winching and pushing is not working, it’s time to use your power to generate momentum instead of just hitting the gas and letting your wheels spin out. Rather use your body weight to move your quad back and forth, leaning into the motion to move your vehicle forward until your quad gets an inch of purchase and enables you to drive yourself out of the ditch.

Call A Professional Recovery Service

When you fail to recover your stuck ATV from out of the ditch even after trying all the above mentioned tips it is time to call a professional winching and towing company. The professionals will arrive at the location and get your four-wheeler out of the mud or ditch using professional tools and expertise safely.

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