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Things Professionals Ensure While Jump Starting Your Vehicle

Things Professionals Ensure While Jump Starting Your Vehicle

Jump starting a vehicle is a process that takes some care and technical knowledge. It’s something only the professional towing experts must conduct. You may think that you can do it yourself, and well you may be right, ensuring that you don’t commit a mistake by hiring professional roadside assistance services, is always the best option. Here is what professionals do, that maybe you don’t, to ensure their own and your car’s safety.

They Don’t Smoke

Professional jumpstart experts know how fatal it can be to smoke while jumpstarting your vehicle. They are trained and aware enough not to commit such an avoidable mistake while conducting this procedure.

They Always Wear Gloves And Glasses

Wearing gloves and glasses ensure that their hands and eyes remain safe from a potential spark when attaching the jumper cables. It is quite normal for your battery to spark on touching the wrong terminal of the battery. If you are unlucky, even the slightest of sparks can damage your eyes or skin.

They Don’t Jumpstart A Cracked Or Leaking Battery

It would be useless to jumpstart a battery that has cracks on it or is leaking. If you jumpstart such a battery, there would be no difference to its power. In addition to this, it can result in emissions of harmful gases. If you see any signs like this on your battery, it’s best to get it replaced instead of trying to charge the old one.

They Put The Car In Parking Before Jump Starting

It is pivotal to put the gear shifter in ‘P’ before jump-starting the car. Professional roadside assistance experts are trained and well-rehearsed not to forget this. If they don’t do it, the vehicle will not get stable power from the ECU system; consequently, it would not start. Being professionally sound while doing a jumpstart is critical to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

They Manage Cables Properly

The jumper cables should not be hanging all over the place. Secondly, these cables should not be touching anything metal. It can cause a severe spark and damage the car’s electrical system. Professional experts avoid making such a mistake as they know the consequences can be fearsome.

They Use The Right Cables Having Enough Amperes

Professionals know exactly which car needs how many amperes in the cables to jumpstart it successfully. If the cables have fewer amperes, the vehicle will not start. Instead of wasting time and effort with the wrong cables, they bring the right ones to solve the problem at once.

They Don’t Encourage DIY

Professional jumpstart experts will never suggest you doing it yourself because it involves risks. You can either harm yourself or damage your car while doing it. It is not recommendable to do it yourself if you are not sure how to do it.

Even if you know how to jumpstart a car, you may commit a grave mistake as you are annoyed, hurried up, and nervous while doing it. Professionals are always a better choice to carry out this job due to several reasons.

They Don’t Jumpstart A Dead Battery

Professional experts know that when the battery is dead, there is no use of attempting to jumpstart it. A dead battery can not be started with a jumpstart, no matter what you do. They will suggest you not to do it. Instead, you will need to get a new battery for your vehicle.

They Always Attach The Cable To The Battery Correctly

The experts ensure to attach the correct cable to the appropriate terminal. It is imperative to connect the positive cable to the positive terminal of the battery and negative with the negative one. This is the correct manner of attaching the wires with the battery. Otherwise, an explosion or at least a spark will result.

Action Towing has a team of professionally sound and technically equipped experts. They minimize the chances of mistakes and errors while jumpstarting your vehicle. Get in touch with us by clicking here.


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