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Things To Consider While Waiting For Vehicle Recovery

Things To Consider While Waiting For Vehicle Recovery

There are few instances in any person’s life which leaves them feeling totally helpless and stranded. Waiting for the vehicle recovery service to tow your vehicle from one place to another is one of those instances. You cannot leave your vehicle on the road, you cannot stay there for too long either. This is the reason why vehicle towing and recovery services got so much clientele and still is considered a flourishing business.

Traffic rules mention that in case of low visibility and dangerous road conditions, drivers must use hazard lights. They must remain at a safe distance, must observe the traffic ahead and also give a clear passage for cars to overtake. These traffic rules are more like safety tips for drivers in a difficult driving situation. Similar safety tips are identified in this brief blog for the drivers that are left stranded on the highways, while they wait for their vehicle recovery service to arrive.

Remain Calm

There’s a good chance you experienced something really bad if you had to call for emergency vehicle recovery service. So, the first safety tip that we can give you is to remain calm and cool while you contemplate the situation in its entirety. There will be no good coming out if you panic, so relax and just think it over.

Call The Police If Involved In Accident

If the reason for calling the towing company is because you were in an accident and your vehicle is not in a position to be driven further, then you should probably inform the police about it. There are some legal bindings in the case of an accident and therefore we do not recommend that you move your vehicle before the police arrive at the scene of the accident.

Call Your Vehicle Recovery Service

After you understand the whole situation and called the police if they are needed, you should then proceed to call the towing recovery service that will be most convenient for you. There are many checks that you should consider before calling the most appropriate towing service for your needs.

Get Your Vehicle Away From The Traffic

Now that you have called the towing service the real waiting game begins. We recommend that at this time you must move your vehicle if possible to a safer place away from the traffic. This will make sure that you can wait with some relaxation and that your vehicle is not at risk of another collision.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

At this point, you must switch on your hazard lights. These are the unified flashing of your car’s indicators. These lights mean that your vehicle is currently in non-working condition and the traffic should maintain a safe distance from your vehicle.

Use Reflectors If Available

Reflectors are great at such times of need. Although we hope that we never have to use them, this is the time to take advantage of them. Still, if you have any reflectors for road safety equipment this will be the best time to use them for your safety and for the safety of others as well.

Open Your Vehicle’s Hood And Trunk

Once your vehicle is moved to safety, you should open up your car’s hood and trunk. This will help the oncoming vehicles to better register that your car is not in working condition. This way they can keep a safe distance from your vehicle.

Keep Your Passengers At A Safe Distance

You might not be alone in such a situation. Therefore, it is important that you keep the passengers with you at a safe distance from traffic. There are safe spots made on the highways and motorways which must be used in the time of need and people should not remain close to the oncoming traffic.

Keep Note Of The Oncoming Traffic

Last but not least, you must always keep an eye on the traffic. There are chances that a driver may not see your vehicle properly or might misjudge the situation. This may become more dangerous if your car is stranded in the middle of the road which can potentially cause more accidents.

If you ever have to face such a situation in Edmonton or anywhere in Alberta, never hesitate to call Action Towing emergency roadside and vehicle recovery services. We always provide great response time and make sure you have minimal issues. You can check our website to get a detailed understanding of what we do or simply call us directly for immediate service.


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