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Situations In Which You Shouldn’t Try DIY Towing

Situations In Which You Shouldn't Try DIY Towing

Having to face trouble with your car is indeed a very stressful situation. The problem gets even more frustrating when you’re on the road. It’s necessary to understand what car issues you can handle yourself and when the problem reaches the extent that you have to call a tow truck company.

With the slightest of knowledge and consideration, you are capable of deciding whether you can deal with the issue yourself or if a tow truck is required for your assistance.

These four tips are what you’ll need to keep in mind to decide when you should handle the problem yourself and when you should contact the appropriate towing service company.

When Tire Changing Is Not Safe

Having a flat tire is one of the most common issues one faces while on the road; you can easily deal with it yourself in many instances. However, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and decide whether changing your tire is safe in the location your car has broken down.

Granted that you experience a flat tire in a housing street or a quiet road, you can change your tire as other drivers on the road will easily see you, and you won’t be putting yourself in danger. However, things get very different when the same situation occurs on a highway with massive incoming traffic. Things get even more complicated if it happens at night, and you don’t see a gas pump or a mechanic shop nearby. It is much safer to call a tow truck in such situations and wait for help as the risk of being run over is absolutely not worth it.

You can apply the same rule to almost every minor car issue. If you happen to be on a well-lit and quiet road, solve the problem yourself. Otherwise, call a reputed tow truck company.

You Don’t Have The Right Tools Or Experience

Towing a car requires specialized tools and years of experience and shouldn’t be done by an amature and unprofessional towing service provider, let alone yourself. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to fix your car’s issue if you don’t have the right tools for the job or know how.

Besides, it’s much better to get a guaranteed quick fix from a tow truck instead of doing it yourself with no access to proper tools.

Moreover, towing a vehicle is not an everyday task that anybody can easily do. It requires years of experience and technical knowledge to tow a car safely. Not only can an unprofessional tow damage your car, but it can also damage and hurt other cars and people on the road.

The Weather Conditions Are Not Safe

No matter how minor your car problem is, never risk any repairs yourself during poor weather conditions, including sandstorms, high winds, hailstones, and heavy rainfall.

In these extreme weather conditions, anything can go wrong. Not only will weather like a snowstorm and extreme cold harm your health, but it can also decrease the visibility of other drivers, making them unable to see you and react accordingly.

You Are Not Aware Of The Location

Another essential thing to keep in mind is to call a tow truck company if your car breaks down at an unfamiliar location. Being far away from home and exposing yourself to the roadside can prove unsafe for both you and your vehicle, which is why you should never take that risk.

At Action Towing, we provide expert vehicle towing services throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. For more information, visit our website, or contact us today for personalized service.


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