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Tips To Save Some Money On Towing Services

Tips To Save Some Money On Towing Services

It can be quite frustrating when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, and you can find no help nearby. The situation gets even worse when you are stranded alone on a deserted road where very few vehicles pass. However, under such circumstances, a professional towing company can deliver its services to you to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Hiring towing services may not be a piece of cake as some companies might charge you quite high. But it is necessary to take help from such services in such conditions because only they can get you out of the situation by minimizing inconveniences.

Towing service charges are dependent on several factors. The final bill can leave a dent in your pocket. Moreover, if the company is not professional it may charge you high, which can be a great headache. So you need to know which factors might impact your towing fee and how you can minimize those costs.

This blog post helps you with that and highlights those factors which might help you save some money on your towing bill.

Get Help From Your Insurance Company

This is where your insurance company will play its role in helping you pay your tow bills. While opting for any towing company or paying a fee to your towing company, make sure your insurance company covers towing services and can pay for you.

If your insurance company does not cover that particular towing company, it can put you in hot waters. Therefore, you can ask your insurance at the time of signing the contract if they cover the cost of towing bills and other related services.

Hire A Reliable Company

A professional company whose goal is to help its customers and not run after money will not ask you for any payment in advance. Hiring the right towing company is one of the most basic and important considerations to save yourself from unnecessary costs and hefty bills.

A professional towing company will also offer flexibility to you and not pressurize you into paying quickly. Some towing companies may be able to offer you discounts in some cases if you ask for more than one service. Therefore choose a company that is well-reputed among its customers and seems right to you as well.

Check With Your Credit Card Company

A lot of credit card companies also offer roadside assistance services as a special perk to their customers. Apart from offering food, shopping, and entertainment, many credit card companies also offer car assistance services. So, before you pay your towing company, check your bank account app or call your bank to ask if they provide any discounts.

Become An Auto Club Member

One thing you can do to prepare in advance is join an auto club. Such clubs are created to provide such benefits, including coverage for breakdown services. Most of the time, these clubs do not have any membership fees, and the cost of joining might be lower than you would have to pay for your broken-down vehicle. Therefore, it can be a good investment and might help you if you are stranded on the road and need a vehicle recovery service.


There are numerous factors that can directly impact your towing bill. Such factors might include distance, condition of the vehicle, time of the day, area, level of difficulty, and type of vehicle. Therefore, it is better to research in advance about the points mentioned above so you can save yourself some time and money during the time of need.

About Action Towing

Action Towing is a reliable option to get towing and other roadside assistance services. We have been serving and earning the trust of the community of Edmonton for many years now. Being a reputable towing, recovery, and roadside assistance service company in Edmonton, we only rely on highly skilled tow truck drivers and the latest equipment. Reasonable rates coupled with high-quality service make us one of Edmonton’s most trusted towing companies. You can contact us here.


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