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Safety Tips When Travelling With Furry Friends


Undeniably, pets are an integral part of any family. While some people refer to them as their faithful companions, others consider them to be adopted furry babies and count them as part of their kids.

In both cases, the thought of embarking on any road trip without these furry animals brings heartache. However, the sight of a furball suddenly jumping onto your lap while driving gives pet owners the creeps.

During our vast years of rescuing vehicles and their owners from unappealing roadside situations by providing reliable emergency towing services, we have encountered a lot of cases involving a pet’s error behind accidents or driver distractions. Renowned names like Forbes also put forth the hazards a driver faces when traveling with dogs.

However, we do not mean to press the buttons of any cat or dog lover. But the fact remains that dogs are relatively more active and jumpy than cats and are mostly the ones involved in accidents. So whether you are an ailurophile or a cynophile, we mean no offense to anyone.

As samaritans who witness the horror of roadside accidents several times a day, we understand the value of each life (both animals and humans). This blog post educates our readers regarding the precautions they should take when traveling with their furry companions.

Safety Tips To Avoid Mishaps When Driving With Pets

We often find a lot of educational material over the internet regarding safety measures to take when traveling with kids or how to avoid collisions with wildlife. However, the dangers of traveling with pets and how to prevent them are often disregarded. Yet, the matter requires more attention than you can imagine.

Prepare Beforehand

First things first before any trip with a pet, one must prepare. Feed your furry friend at least three hours before the trip and get their seat ready. Place a pet carrier on the car seat to make the pet comfortable during the drive. Also, pack a kit with water and other necessities for you and your pet.

Give Medication For Long-Distance Travelling

If you are planning a winter vacation or any other long-distance trip, it is necessary to slightly sedate your pet with the proper medication. You must have surely noticed that pets are often given medication when travelling by plane. This medication makes them sleepy during the trip to avoid anxiousness.

Make Them Comfortable In The Backseat

We have spoken about preparing a car seat for your dog. However, we would like to expressly point out that you should always seat your pet in the backseat. The reason being is that these cute furry things on the front seat are often a distraction for their owners. Imagine your dog suddenly jumping onto your lap or middling with the gear while your trying to drive on a busy road.

Restrain Your Pet In The Car

Pets are more likely to endure severe injuries and even die during an accident than humans. Hence, a regular seatbelt will not work. Thus, one should invest in proper pet restraint systems to minimize injuries during any mishap.

Do Not Let Them Stick Their Head Out Of The Window

It is common to see a pet often looking out of the window of a car. While this may earn you a significant fine, it is also hazardous for your pet. That is, there is a danger that the dog may be hit by a passing vehicle. Hence, as cute as it may look, do not allow your dog to do that.

Check On Them Regularly

We do not mean that you take your eyes off the road and check your pet while driving. No, that is unacceptable. We mean, you should make frequent stops (not abrupt ones) and check whether your pet is still okay.

Do Not Take Your Eyes Off The Road

One slight slip and you will put both your life and that of your pet in danger. Hence, we strictly advise that you never take your eyes off the road, no matter what happens. If something goes wrong with your pet, stop the car and attend to them rather than turning around while driving.

Immediately Contact An Emergency Towing Service Provider In Case Of A Mishap

Lastly, we understand that accidents can happen at any time. If such a situation does arise, contact a reliable towing service provider for any sort of emergency roadside assistance services. Action Towing has provided a helping hand to numerous roadside assistance seekers over the years. Hence, to avoid any further damage to yourself, your pet, and your vehicle, it is better to pass on the burden to us after any mishap. Contact us to learn more.


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