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5 Safe Towing And Driving Tips For The Snowy Season

5 Safe Towing And Driving Tips For The Snowy Season

As winter is just around the corner, it might be a good idea to prepare your car and any other vehicle for the snowy season. Although roads are in much better condition now in Edmonton, and there are mechanical facilities available at every point, it is still important that you learn about some of the safe practices you should follow when driving in the snow, especially when your vehicle is not suitable for such circumstances.

Action Towing plays a critical role in this regard by keeping you safe in every way. Our towing and other roadside emergency services help you get out of any unpleasant situation.

However, to be on the safe side, it’s important that you know of some safety tips before beginning your journey. This blog post highlights some helpful tips for safe towing and driving in the snow.

Check Your Tires

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle that are designed to keep you safe on the road. If your tires are not in good condition and their treads are worn out, your car will slip on the road and possibly lead to a serious accident.

Checking your tires should be the first thing that you do when ensuring that your car is ready for winter. Make sure you swap out your tires after ten years. Once they are past their lifespan, they need to be replaced regardless of how much tread is left. Invest in a good quality snow tire with good grip and traction capability so you can experience safety every time.

Have Snow Chains Ready

Tires are important, and no one can deny their role in your safety. However, tire chains are necessary to provide more traction and grip, especially on roads with a higher gradient. Snow chains give you the much-needed traction you need to keep your vehicle balanced on the piles of snow on the road.

Drive Carefully

Driving in snowy weather conditions requires a driver to be responsible. Even if you have to reach somewhere, it is always better to arrive late rather than speed and risk going off track.

This is particularly important for tow trucks, if they are towing a vehicle and decide to speed up to get to their destination faster, as it might cause them to lose control and skid off the road, causing great harm to themselves and the haul.

Call A Professional Company In The Case Of An Emergency

Emergencies and minor accidents happen, which can make you call roadside services. These companies can help tow your car to a safe place or provide you with the necessary mechanical services to get you back on the road. However, if the company is not professional, it can further increase your problems instead of solving them.

Therefore, if you need such emergency services in any situation, make sure the company you call is a professional one. They must have the right tools to tow your vehicle safely.

Keep Your Sway Devices Ready

Sway devices are helpful to control the movements of a trailer and prevent them from swaying. This type of movement can be quite dangerous, especially in snowy conditions. Sway devices prevent trailers from swaying and keep the vehicle in the right direction. This tool is necessary not only for trailers but for anyone who frequently tows different types of hauls.

About Action Towing

Have a safe and pleasant driving or towing experience with the reliable services from Action Towing. We aim to provide efficient and professional towing services to our clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas at affordable rates. With our up-to-date trucks and cooperative staff, you can solve your vehicle issues in no time. Contact us here in case of an emergency.


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