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3 Safe Places To Wait For Roadside Assistance

3 Safe Places To Wait For Roadside Assistance

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is being left stranded on the road with a broken down car. Roads are the most uncertain of places where anything can happen. If your car has broken down it’s essential that you find a safe place to wait for roadside assistance.

The first thing you should do after your car breaks down is find a safe place. It is essential for your safety especially if you are travelling with kids or pets. While waiting for emergency towing services you should make sure that your car and more importantly, you and your family are safe. This blog post highlights the 3 safe spots on the road that you can use when waiting for help.

Right Side Of The Road

Many highways have a breakdown lane on the right side of the road. If your vehicle’s tire has burst or the engine of your vehicle has suddenly died, pull over your vehicle to the right side of the road. This will save you from the other cars on the road and will put you in a position where you are visible to everyone. Pulling over into the breakdown lane is safer for everyone. Make sure that you get out of the way as much as possible, because this will ensure that you and the other passengers and drivers on the road are safe.

Inside The Car

The most common mistake that many drivers make while waiting for roadside assistance is that they move far away from their car. There are more chances of your car being spotted than you. So, it’s safe to wait inside your car rather than stand alone on the road. In case of a breakdown after pulling over your car to the right side sit inside it. It’s best to stay in your car with the doors and windows locked to protect yourself from potential robbers.

Far From Traffic

Sometimes your car may break down in the middle of the road and there are no breakdown lanes. Or sometimes your car may just stop and there is no way you can move it to the side. In cases like these the safest thing to do is get out of your car from the passenger door and move to a place far from the traffic. Move yourself away from the traffic and then call roadside assistance for help.

Call Action Towing

Action Towing promises quick and swift action immediately upon hearing your call. We ensure we come well prepared and take minimum time to reach you and get you and your car out of trouble. Contact us for more information.


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