Essential Roadside Assistance Services A Towing Company Can Provide

Towing companies are there to help you when you are stuck on the road and can not take your vehicle any further. However, towing companies can do more than that when it comes to providing you with roadside assistance. Many people think that towing companies are limited to providing towing services only. However, there are several emergency-related solutions a towing company can provide.

With the increasing number of cars on the road, companies that provide roadside assistance services are increasing. Therefore you must know what other services these companies provide and who you should contact in case of an emergency.

Here are some of the other services roadside assistance companies offer:

Flatbed Towing Services

There are different types of towing. The most common is flatbed towing. If your car cannot move, flatbed towing is the right option to transport your vehicle to its desired destination safely. It doesn’t require your car to pull on the road. Instead, the tow trucks’ bed is used to carry your car. A flatbed towing service is ideal for cases when your car can’t move, or you require long-distance towing.

Car Lockout Service

Forgot your keys in the car? Towing companies can help you get your keys back out of your car and provide you with car lockout services. They can offer you auto lockout lock picking and lost car key replacement at reasonable rates. Their qualified keysmiths ensure you get out of the situation fast.

Vehicle Recovery Services

Accidents happen, no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Vehicle recovery services are quite helpful if you have been met with an accident and want to get your car out of a ditch. Action Towing is one of Edmonton’s most reliable and secure towing companies that provides vehicle recovery services at affordable prices.

Auto Scrap Removal Services

Auto junk and scraps can be harmful. Keeping such useless material in your yard or leaving it on the road can be hazardous for everyone. Therefore, you should take measures for its removal and hire auto scrap removal services. Towing companies also offer services to help you get rid of dead vehicles and remove damaged cars from the road in the most eco-friendly way.

Car Jumpstart

Dead batteries can be problematic. A car with a drained battery will not turn on. This can be worrisome, especially when you are in a hurry and have to reach somewhere on time. At this point getting help from a professional is the best option you can opt for. Most towing companies provide car boosting services. Hence, you can hire any local roadside assistance and ask for their jumpstart service.

Fuel Delivery Service

If you have run out of fuel while on the road, instead of risking your safety and going in search of fuel, leaving your car behind. It is better to call your nearest towing company and ask if they can deliver fuel to your location. Many roadside assistance companies have started to offer fuel delivery services.

How Can Action Towing Help?

If you live in Edmonton, Action Towing is the best towing service to avail to cater all your towing and other roadside assistance needs. We offer personalized and complete professional services at affordable rates to our customers. Contact us for more information.