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Ride Out Of The Storm With These Driving Safety Tips

Ride Out Of The Storm With These Driving Safety Tips

Summer is just around the corner, and so are its fellow companions like heavy showers, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and unbearable winds. Every year during this time, we receive multiple calls from drivers who are left stranded on the road due to a storm. Most of them either end up stuck in a mud pool due to loss of vehicle control or are met with an accident as a result of decreased visibility.

As the leading providers of vehicle recovery services in Edmonton, we believe we have a responsibility to shed some light on the matter. We know there are many authorities out there that provide such information, but that does not free us from our obligation to give back to the community, even if it is in the form of valuable input.

Surely, we do not need to furnish you with statistics to convince you of how dangerous it is to drive in the rain. Every year, thousands of lives are lost in accidents resulting from bad weather, and Canada is no exception to this. If you think that hydroplaning or visibility are the main causes, then know that every year, there are about three deaths and one hundred and eight injuries caused by lightning strikes. Thus, stormy weather is more detrimental than what comes to mind.

Who knows how many of such incidents never make it to the headlines.

Evidently, stormy weather and especially lightning should never be underestimated. The tips in this blog will help you survive a storm if you are caught in one while driving.

Surviving The Strikes – Tips And Tricks

If you where expecting some sort of rocket science answer to this, know that there are no hardcore rules to surviving a thunderstorm on the road. Simple precautions will suffice (as apparent from the discussion below).

Keep An Eye On The Forecast

If you are planning a drive, especially at night in spring or summer, your first move should always be to check the weather forecast for severe weather warnings. The latter will help you take the necessary precautions in advance.

Avoid The Drive If Possible

Regardless of the nature of your needs, we suggest you avoid driving during bad weather conditions. After all, nothing is worth more than your life. If there is an official meeting or something like that, inform the relevant individuals of the upcoming storm and your possible absence or delayed arrival. Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes driving in such weather becomes inevitable.

Inspect Your Wipers And The Car As A Whole

If the journey is inevitable, take the necessary steps to ensure your safety. For example, check the fuel tank to ensure you are not running low on fuel. Additionally, you must ensure that your vehicle’s wipers are working properly. To overcome any mishap, keep an emergency kit, food, and water in your trunk. Do not forget your flashlight.

Inform A Family Member

It is always a good idea to let your family members know where you are headed to. They will know where to look for you in case you are unable to contact them. Also, ensure that you take your cellphone with you.

Carefully Exit The Road If Possible

If you are met with a storm along the way, the best thing you can do is exit from the traffic to avoid any mishaps.

Do Not Use Cruise Control

In case you need to keep on driving, do not use cruise control. Using cruise control can cause you to lose control of your vehicle if it hydroplanes. Speaking of hydroplaning, do not panic if your car experiences it. Just stay calm and think of a way out.

Stay Inside

One of the biggest mistakes people make when stuck in a storm is they leave their car in fear that it is more likely to be struck by lightning. The truth is, it is better for the lightning to hit your vehicle while you are inside rather than you. Thus, you must stay inside your car, lock the doors, shut the windows, and avoid contact with any metallic object or appliance. Use the time to inform your family about your circumstances.

Call A Vehicle Recovery Service Provider During An Emergency

Last but not least, never forget this golden rule of an emergency. If your car stops working following a lightning strike or the decreased visibility leads to an accident, the first thing you must do is contact a reliable towing service provider.

Action Towing has years of experience dealing with such emergencies and can help you out 24/7. Find out more about Action Towing to enjoy timely and reasonably priced roadside assistance.

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