What Is A Recovery Vehicle Recovery Tow Strap?

Vehicles can get stuck on the road in various scenarios. Each situation requires different tools and techniques to recover a vehicle. Vehicles often get stuck in the mud, a pit, or a ditch, and it becomes difficult to pull them out. In such instances, a strong recovery strap is used by professionals to pull a vehicle with the help of a tow truck.

In this case, the selection of tow trucks depends on the size of the vehicle which is to be pulled. A big vehicle will require more engine effort, while a small car can be pulled with a light-duty tow truck. Together with that, the length and size of the recovery tow strap are equally important to easily pull different vehicles.

This blog will discuss a recovery tow strap in detail and how professionals use it in their towing operations.

Recovery Tow Strap

A recovery tow strap is made up of high-quality nylon. The straps are made in different widths and lengths. The width of these straps can vary from 2 to 12 inches. Similarly, the length of the recovery strap varies according to the width. Hence, increasing the size of the straps makes them stronger to recover heavy vehicles.

Thanks to the nylon strap, there is no risk of tearing or breakage when pulling the vehicle as nylon is a very elastic and durable material. So, after understanding the structure of the recovery strap, let’s discuss its usage and benefits in detail.

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The Use Of A Recovery Tow Strap

Having a recovery tow strap in your vehicle is essential for every long-distance driver. However, having a recovery strap with you does not mean you can recover your vehicle that is now stuck in some mud or a pit. If your vehicle wheels are stuck deeply, you will need the help of a towing service provider to pull your vehicle with the help of a tow truck.

In contrast to that, if you are in a place where no towing service can reach you, then you can use the recovery tow strap with another vehicle to pull your stuck vehicle. But, taking help from an untrained person can be dangerous and risky. Therefore, it is always recommended to contact a reliable towing service provider when you get stuck in an emergency situation on the road.

Moreover, if your vehicle gets damaged by getting stuck in a pit, the recovery strap can also help attach the vehicle to the tow truck and take it to a nearby location where a towing company or a reliable roadside assistance provider can reach you to help you. Yet, it is important to know that a recovery tow strap is not made for long-distance towing.

How To Use A Recovery Tow Strap

A recovery tow strap contains two metal hooks on both sides, which are attached to both vehicles. Before attaching the recovery strap to a vehicle, it should be straightened so that there is no knot or fold in the strap. Hereafter the hooks at both ends are attached to the mount on the bumpers of the stuck vehicle and the tow vehicle. For a safe recovery operation, the hooks should be attached only to the mounts instead of attaching them to the vehicle’s body. Hence, in this kind of situation, an expert can help you safely recover the vehicle and avoid damages.

Furthermore, the stuck vehicle should be controlled by a driver when it is being pulled out. During the recovery operation, the tow truck or vehicle driver should drive very carefully and slowly to avoid a collision, lifting, or flipping the vehicle being towed. A trained tow truck driver can pull the stuck vehicle efficiently because of the skills taught during the training they receive. Thus, professional towing staff can take full advantage of a recovery tow strap and recover your stuck vehicle without any damage.

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