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Reasons Why Your Car Is Overheating In Winter

Reasons Why Your Car Is Overheating In Winter

It sounds somewhat contradictory, overheating in winter? Well, it is quite possible. Engines produce heat as a result of fuel combustion to yield energy, and from friction produced by the fast-moving components within the vehicle.

Although there are cooling systems in every vehicle that maintain its internal temperatures at a suitable level, there are several reasons why your car may be overheating in winter.

Below we mention some of these reasons and what you should do in case your car overheats.

Running Low On Antifreeze

If your car is overheating in winter, it may be due to a lack of fluid in your antifreeze reservoir. This is a common yet, most easily ignored cause of overheating vehicles in winter. So, take a minute to check the antifreeze reservoir before heading out in your car. If the levels have dropped too low, refill the tank. However, recheck the following day to ensure no leakage in the reservoir tank, causing the fluid levels to drop considerably.

Debris Around Your Car’s Radiator

Dust, leaves, or pebbles, also referred to as debris can quickly accumulate around your vehicle’s radiator. This accumulated debris can potentially clog the pipes that maintain the airflow necessary to keep the car cool. As a result, this can cause harmful overheating to your car, even at the lowest of winter temperatures. Therefore, you should frequently check your car radiator for any debris. So, you won’t have to experience an unpleasant situation while you’re cold, and your car is parked on the side of the road.

Your Thermostat May Be Faulty

Yes! A faulty thermostat may be the issue of your overheating car. You can determine this by observing the temperature in your vehicle as you drive. If it does not rise, a faulty thermostat is likely the problem. In this case, you need to take your car to a good mechanic and get your thermostat fixed.

How Do Prevent Your Car From Overheating In Winter?

The best preventive measure for overheating vehicles is maintenance and regular check-ups. Get your vehicle professionally examined to ensure that your cooling system is properly functioning, and that there are not any potential leaks or blockages in the venting system, thermostat functioning, and fluid levels. Other than the professional inspection, examine the coolant levels in your car occasionally while the vehicle is cool to ensure they are full.

What Should You Do If Your Car Overheats?

If you are driving and notice that your car is overheating immediately pull over to the side of the road and turn off the engine. If possible, lift the hood to allow quick heat dissipation. If you continue to drive when your car is overheating, it can severely damage the car’s engine.

Moreover, most engines are made of aluminum. Therefore when exposed to high temperatures, warping or cracking may occur. This can lead to a costly repair involving cylinder head or entire engine replacement.

Call Your Local Experts For Towing

If you ever find yourself in this unpleasant circumstance where your car begins to heat up, and it’s cold outside. Pullover to the side of the road and contact us. At Action Towing, we provide all sorts of services in vehicles or even massive machinery movement from the incident site to a safer place. In your case, we’ll tow your car to a nearby repair shop, where we will identify and deal with the cause of overheating in your vehicle.

For any further queries on Edmonton’s quick and affordable towing services, kindly visit our website or contact us today at 780-340-0999.


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