Common Reasons Why Semi-Trucks Require Roadside Assistance

Being one of the most massive vehicles on the road, heavy trucks such as big rig trucks, semi-trucks, eighteen wheelers, or semi-tractor trailers are frequently susceptible to regular breakdowns. As these large-sized trucks are meant to travel for long distances for extended periods of time, it’s understandable why the majority of them would need the help of specialized roadside assistance services at some stage of their operations.

There are some other significant factors that make heavy trucks increasingly prone to breakdowns. These include the rig’s aging element, the prevalent driving conditions, and additional relevant factors leading to different auto issues that usually occur at the worst possible time. Even one of the most seasoned semi-truck drivers may get stuck on the roadside with major issues on certain occasions.

Here are some common reasons why semi-trucks need roadside assistance; knowing the causes of these issues will help you prevent future vehicle breakdowns.

Tire Trouble

One of the most frequent causes of a semi-truck malfunction is tire trouble, making up almost half of the significant truck breakdowns. A flat tire can cause a big rig truck to be sidelined for hours if not corrected in a timely manner. Some notable contributing factors that cause heavy truck drivers to experience frequent tire failures include low tread depth, over and under inflation, and misaligned axles.

In case of tire trouble, get in touch with a nearby towing company for expert help. A professional towing service provider will arrive at your location in no time and help you get back on the road right away.

Braking System Malfunction

After tire-related issues, damaged brakes account for most semi-truck breakdowns, making it the second most common reason to get roadside assistance. The primary cause of big rig trucks’ braking system malfunctions is the presence of immense pressure the discs and drum brake experience regularly. This leads to increased exposure to friction, stress, and heat on these components.

You can easily avoid such issues through regular maintenance and inspection of the braking system for possible signs of rusting, air leakages, corrosion, water contamination, and more. In case you experience a braking issue with your semi-truck, call your expert emergency towing services provider to repair your vehicle’s braking system.

Electrical System Failure

Your big rig truck’s electrics include vital components like stator motor, battery, alternator, and lights. These complicated electrical mechanisms require frequent maintenance to avoid malfunctions. Some of the major signs of a malfunctioning electrical system include dead batteries, flickering or dim lights, clicking sounds, and strange smells when the engine starts.

Whether your semi-truck fails to start or you have to deal with a dying battery mid-drive, get immediate roadside assistance to get yourself back on the road.

Refrigeration Problem

Most semi-trucks are required to transport temperature-sensitive products and goods, like food items and medicine. These commodities need specialized refrigerated trailers to keep an accurate temperature to prevent food spoilage. In case of any issues with your truck’s refrigeration unit, get emergency roadside assistance to avoid the wastage of goods.

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