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Reasons Why You Need A Professional Emergency Towing Service

Reasons Why You Need A Professional Emergency Towing Service

Having your car suddenly breakdown is an unfortunate experience most of us have been through. It only gets worse when this happens at an unknown location and one is left stranded on the road. It is best to call a professional roadside assistance service to help you take care of this issue.

Someone who is not a professional,might not follow the proper safety protocols which can lead to further damage. There are some companies which might charge a very high cost, here at Action Towing we care about our customers and charge them reasonably.

This blog aims to discuss why it is important to get assistance from professional vehicle recovery companies.

Usage of Appropriate Tow Straps

A cheap quality tow strap can snap while towing a vehicle and can lead to more unfortunate events. Hence, to avoid this, a strong strap is required that falls under safety protocols.

Professional vehicle recovery services make sure that they use tow straps that are considered safe. They ensure that they are not using any cheap quality straps which might put the driver and their car in danger

Qualified Drivers

A car breakdown should be dealt with by expert drivers. They are the ones who will have the knowledge about these issues. They are trained to take care of certain factors that ensure the safety of the vehicle. These factors include:

  • Driving slowly up to 15 mph.
  • Not to let the distance between the vehicles increase more than 4.5 meters.
  • Ensure that the lights are on.
  • Ensure that the ‘On Tow’ sign has been placed in order to alert other drivers on the road.
  • If the strap/rope is long enough to be visible to the other drivers on the road. This can also be done by placing a coloured cloth or a high vision sign.
  • They make sure that the car is in neutral, this way the wheels are able to rotate freely.
  • Inspect the broken down vehicle, examine the towing limits, as it might risk damaging the transmission system of the car.

Someone who isn’t experienced in towing cars might not know of or follow all of the safety protocols.

Use of Appropriate ‘On Tow’ Car

The car being used to tow needs to be suitable for the broken down vehicle. It is quite obvious that a heavier car will be required for this purpose.

But every car has a maximum tow weight limit, if the limit is surpassed, the recovery points may break down. For city wide towing, professionals use the appropriate ‘on tow’ car and know what vehicles can be towed using a certain machine.

Using Professional Equipment

Another reason why it is better to seek help from vehicle recovery services is their professional equipment. Equipment dedicated for towing can save your car from further damage on the road. Improper towing equipment and bumpy roads can cause internal damage to your car. Some of the most commonly used methods of towing are:

Towing the Car with a Dolley

The dolley can be attached to the hitch of the vehicle to be towed. This is then connected by safety chains and wire leads. The dolley is moved a little bit in order to adjust around the hitch. The vehicle is then strapped to the dolley using wheel straps.

Loading on a Trailer:

The vehicle being towed can also be connected to a trailer by fixing the tongue of the trailer to the ball of the hitch. Once the ball of the hitch and the trailer are fixed, the safety chains are connected.

The trailer is then lined up with the vehicle. The vehicle is then strapped to the trailer with tire straps. This helps to ensure that the vehicle and the trailer both are on a flat surface.

Using Towing Rods:

A towing bar is stronger and more reliable than a tow strap. It is less likely to break during the process. This makes it safer and easier to use.

Why Choose Action Towing?

Being stranded on the road in the middle of nowhere is indeed an unfortunate experience. Keeping this in view, Action Towing follows all safety protocols and provides the best roadside assistance services at a very reasonable rate. We are a well equipped team of well qualified drivers who take customer care very seriously. Contact us today for more information.


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