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Questions You Must Ask A Towing Company Before Hiring Them

Questions You Must Ask A Towing Company Before Hiring Them

A professional towing company can ease the process of transporting your vehicle to a safe spot. After an accident, you want help from a reliable company that can offer you towing and other roadside assistance services.

However, you shouldn’t hire just any towing company you come across or have heard the name of. If you have time, it is better that you research properly so that you can avoid the common mistakes individuals make while hiring towing services. Therefore, you should know a towing company’s qualities and characteristics.

It is necessary to know what you should ask a towing company before hiring them. This blog post mentions all the important questions you should ask to help you hire the best towing service in your city.

Where Are You Located?

The first thing you should ask is the location of the towing company before hiring. Ask them where they are located and how much time it will take for them to reach you. If you need emergency towing services but the company is located far from the location you are stranded at, hiring them will not be a suitable choice for you at that moment.

Choose a company located near your area so that they can reach you quickly. This is even more important if you are stranded on a deserted road. Calling the nearest towing company and letting them know about your situation is a wise decision in such cases.

What Types Of Vehicles Do You Tow?

Another important question to ask a towing company is their capacity for towing vehicles. Different tow trucks can tow different vehicles, and knowing this is important. Some vehicles have special towing requirements which can only be accomplished using special tow trucks.

Even the location of the situation can demand special tow trucks such as parkade towing. Therefore, you must ask a towing company what type of trucks they have to help you narrow down your list of options for towing companies.

Is Your Company Insured?

A professional company gives insurance and is liable for any damage. Asking for insurance from a towing company is necessary so you know your vehicle is in safe hands.

An insured company with proper licenses is important so that if any damage is done, the company will take care of it. An inexperienced and fraudulent towing company will worsen your situation.

Ask About Their Availability

Another important thing to ask a towing company is about their availability. Check how long they will take to reach your location. If it is night, you need to make sure that they offer services at night.

Many companies might charge you higher to provide services at night, which is common. You just need to make sure that they are readily available to help you in your emergency.

What Is Your Price Structure?

Knowing the price structure in advance before hiring a towing company is also necessary. Some companies might have upfront payments, while others will only charge you after the work is done. Some might charge you according to miles.

Or, they might charge you more after some miles. Different companies have different price structures. It is better to be aware of all the charges before you hire their services. Moreover, if you are hiring a company, get a written contract from them with all the rules written to avoid any confusion later on.

What Territory Do They Cover?

Territory coverage is another important factor to consider. Ask a company how much distance or territory their services cover. A professional company will have a vast range of trucks with a wide range of territory.

Such companies can further guide you about the reputable mechanics and workshops to take your car for repair. If they don’t cover your area, they might not be able to reach you or give you any other suggestions.

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